Domainer Quotes of the Day

  • “Premium domain names are the asset class of choice among domain investors, e-marketers and Internet entrepreneurs” – Inside Domaining
  • “A persuasive domain name is virtual salesmanship known by few”- Inside Domaining

Price of a 30-Second Spot Slumps 4.1% – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

Price of a 30-Second Spot Slumps 4.1% – Advertising Age – MediaWorks
Advertising Age recently reported that the average 30-second spot for a prime time Tv commercial costs in the area of $130,000. Source:
Imagine if you will for a moment, the opportunity cost of premium domain name investments compared to traditional advertising expenses. The future is online. Invest in your high quality domains wisely.

Profit-spinning domain names are where the smart money goes for marketers promoting businesses offline and online. Keyword style domain names with meaning are valuable and powerful beyond belief. The extremely rare, intuitive, category defining domains offer performance and proven results as an ongoing persuasive advertisement for a lifetime. Tv commercials for $130k a pop can add up quickly. More importantly, a high quality domain acquisition is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a one time purchase with inherent value.

NBC Sells About a Dozen Super Bowl Spots at $3 Million – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

$3 Mln per 30-second spot for 2009 Super Bowl! In 2008, and CEO Bob Parson’s domain industry giant- GoDaddy both featured $2.7 million ad spots during the Giants major upset against Tom Brady and the Patriots. What are the odds GoDaddy will place another multi-million dollar bet on a Super Bowl ad?

Source: Advertising Age