Jets Going To Super Bowl?

The New York Jets have a charismatic and entertaining coach in Rex Ryan. But what the Jets do not have is the one-word, exact match domain for their brand- ‘Jets’ in the fact that they do not have the domain name- The Jets roll with and for their web addresses. The Jets do not have the luxury of promoting the short name- since is owned by a private jet air charter company. In baseball, the New York Mets have the short and easy to remember domain for high recall. However, the NFL team Jets missed the boat in the domaining world. Let’s hope they can at least make it to the Super Bowl. Can the Jets repeat what both the 1969 Jets and 1969 Mets did for New York back in 1969 by winning a championship? Doman Name Sold for $375,000 back in 2009 on Sedo. Read more about the $375k domain sale click  here

Top Brands Watch: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the most recognized brand in the world. Coke is sold in over 200 countries. The Coca-Cola Company uses a multi-channel, Internet marketing strategy. Here is a breakdown of some of the many Coca-Cola Internet properties and how they are using domain names for advertising and branding.

Even the top global brands are often slow to adapt to domain name strategy and new media. Coke seems to be laggards in some areas on the Internet as Coke has sometimes slowly adapted to new Internet techniques. For instance, Coke’s company blog was launched in 2008. The company joined YouTube in 2006 and has not ramped it up yet as the official Coke YouTube channel currently has less than 15,000 subscribes and less than 4 million channel views (YTD).

Doing things backwards and breaking domain name rules? Domain experts would most likely agree a domain strategy of using their short, four letter web address ‘’ as the main e-Commerce site and recommend both & to re-direct to (the opposite of what Coke is doing today). As for and (best to go without the hyphen as the main site), and wouldn’t it make logical sense to prioritize the Coca-Cola TV site which is currently only in Spanish- especially as video search is emerging so rapidly. Thus,  it makes perfect sense to build out video site as a global TV site (multilingual for all countries!). Moreover, does not reslove but would be more powerful as the go-to web address for Coke TV instead of Coca-Cola TV or at least co-branded as two video sites.

In sum, there is always room for improvement with a domain name strategy and even for the big time pros like Coke. Who owns the powerful, category defining, generic, four-letter (4L) domain name- ‘‘ (currently a parked ad site)? Coca Cola is numero uno as a global brand but their naming and branding is not perfect. Red Bull kicks their butt in the energy drink market, don’t they?

P.S. Also, we suggest ‘’ instead of ‘Coca-ColaConversations’. The “Keep it Simple Stupid” approach 😉

* Coca-Cola is the first company featured in our new ‘Top Brands Watch’ series about top global brands use of domain names in advertising. Domain Names in Advertising

Coke’s Advertising Slogans

Coke’s Slogans (1886 – 2010 in the USA)

  • 1886 – Drink Coca-Cola.
  • 1887 – Delicious! Refreshing! Invigorating! Exhilarating!
  • 1891 – The Ideal Brain Tonic/The Delightful Summer-Winter beverage.
  • 1904 – Delicious and Refreshing.
  • 1905 – Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains.
  • 1906 – The Great National Temperance Beverage.
  • 1908 – Good til the Last Drop
  • 1917 – Three Million a Day.
  • 1922 – Thirst Knows No Season.
  • 1923 – Enjoy Life.
  • 1924 – Refresh Yourself.
  • 1925 – Six Million a Day.
  • 1926 – It Had to be Good to Get Where It Is.
  • 1927 – Pure as Sunlight
  • 1927 – Around the Corner from Anywhere.
  • 1928 – Coca-Cola … Pure Drink of Natural Flavors.
  • 1929 – The Pause that Refreshes.
  • 1932 – Ice-Cold Sunshine.
  • 1937 – America’s Favorite Moment.
  • 1938 – The best friend thirst ever had.
  • 1938 – Thirst Asks Nothing More.
  • 1939 – Coca-Cola Goes Along.
  • 1939 – Coca-Cola has the Taste Thirst Goes For.
  • 1939 – Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be, When You Think of Refreshment, Think of Ice Cold Coca-Cola.
  • 1941 – Coca-Cola is Coke!
  • 1942 – The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself.
  • 1944 – How about a Coke?
  • 1945 – Coke means Coca-Cola.
  • 1945 – Passport to Refreshment.
  • 1947 – Coke Knows No Season.
  • 1948 – Where there’s Coke there’s hospitality.
  • 1949 – Coca-Cola … along the highway to anywhere.
  • 1952 – What you want is a Coke.
  • 1954 – For people on the go.
  • 1956 – Coca-Cola … makes good things taste better.
  • 1957 – The sign of good taste.
  • 1958 – The Cold, Crisp Taste of Coke
  • 1959 – Be really refreshed.
  • 1963 – Things go better with Coke.
  • 1966 – Coke … after Coke … after Coke.
  • 1969 – It’s the real thing.
  • 1971 – I’d like to buy the world a Coke. (basis for the song I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing)
  • 1974 – Look for the real things.
  • 1976 – Coke adds life.
  • 1979 – Have a Coke and a smile.
  • 1982 – Coke is it!
  • 1985 – America’s Real Choice
  • 1986 – Red White & You (for Coca-Cola Classic)
  • 1986 – Catch the Wave (for New Coke)
  • 1989 – Can’t Beat the Feeling. (also used in the UK)
  • 1993 – Always Coca-Cola.
  • 2000 – Enjoy.
  • 2001 – Life tastes good. (also used in the UK)
  • 2003 – Real.
  • 2005 – Make It Real.
  • 2006 – The Coke Side of Life (used also in the UK)
  • 2007 – Live on the Coke Side of Life (also used in the UK)
  • 2009 – Open Happiness
  • 2010 – Twist The Cap To Refreshment

(Source: Wikipedia)

Coca-Cola is consistently ranked as the top global brand. When companies use slogans, it is in their best interest to trademark their slogans and add the domain names for their advertising slogans as part of a naming strategy.

Andy Warhol Coca Cola Painting Trades for $35M in New York |

Andy Warhol Coca Cola painting sells for $35M in New York |
Coca-Cola, a household brand name globally, makes the headlines with an Andy Warhol painting sold at a recent Sotheby’s art auction.

“An icon of global desire.”- Andy Warhol

Domainertising predicts that a domain name will sell at a Sotheby’s auction someday down the road for a high value in the area of tens of millions and even hundreds of millions.

Top Global Brands Naming & Branding Strategies

As mentioned in a previous blogpost, roughly 30% of the Top 100 global brands use short names of four letters or less (2L, 3L & 4L). Furthermore, the top brands using short names of  five letters (5L) or less equate to 45% on Interbrand’s Top 100 Global Brand list of companies keeping it simple and easier for recall with branding to their customer base. We have not counted the six letter name (6L) companies yet, but it is safe to say that the majority of these top brands use short names that consist of six letters or less. The extreme rarity of short names with available domain names leads to high values for quality names. If you are a start-up, you know how difficult it is to claim a top notch domain name for your company. More importantly, it is smart, sharp and aware to purchase elite domains for your business. Your naming choices are worth their weight in Gold.

Going forward with Domainertising (formerly Inside Domaining), we will be studying and analyzing some of the top global brands as case studies into how these top brands have mastered naming and branding strategies in the advertising world both online and offline. The reasoning behind Inside Domaining’s re-branding to Domainertising is to combine the business topics of naming and advertising without pigeon-holing ourselves to the domain industry. In order to broaden our audience, we will be using jargon that people understand when it comes to advertising and Internet advertising. Most people do not understand domain jargon and the domain industry as a whole is way too small compared to the power domains have in generating big money both online and offline with the right naming strategies and modern Internet marketing techniques.

In an effort to shine a light on the big time pros- the successful global brands, Domainertising will attempt to bring the masses out of the darkness of traditional thinking into the creative new media mindset. We will start with Coca-Cola’s marketing approach. Also, we will be adding share buttons to be displayed at the bottom of each blogpost (for now you can use the twitter & facebook buttons to the right of our home page… oh, & many thanks in advance; do it now & do it as a habit please! ;)). We will share our ideas with you and strive with our mission as a team to raise domain awareness to those who know the value of advertising but have not yet grasped the importance and intrinsic value of high quality domain names.

If you have a vested interest in the domain industry, we ask for your support in sharing Domainertising strategies of these top brands as “proof in the pudding” that naming works. Please feel free to share our blog posts virally via email, re-tweets, facebook, etc. Let’s be team players. The domain industry is too fragmented and needs some teamwork in order to ramp up. Let’s spread the new word- “Domainertising” and reveal the best kept secret to Madison Avenue once and for all. Let’s do this. We will all benefit.

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Best Global Brands Ranking for 2010

 Best Global Brands Ranking for 2010

1. Coke
2. IBM
3. Microsoft
4. Google
5. GE
6. McDonald’s
7. Intel
8. Nokia
9. Disney
10. HP

After Domainertising reviewed Interbrand’s 2010 Top 100 Global Brands, we noticed a common naming strategy of keeping names short. Roughly 29% of the Top 100 global brands use short names and/or acronyms (4-letters or less) for their easy-to-remember brand names. When selecting a brand name think big with a short, memorable domain name.

Though not on the list, let’s discuss Facebook’s naming strategy from their original ‘The Facebook’ name. Amazing it took Facebook this long to figure out is the ticket to co-brand alongside Facebook as it recently acquired the 2-letter domain. Remember the line in the Social Network movie when the Napster Internet guy schooled Zuckerberg to lose the ‘The’ in the young company’s name & go with

We say the hell with even this shorter version of from the original TheFacebook name as said in the movie, and we suggest to Facebook to re-brand entirely with ‘FB’ and brand the power of a short, extremely rare 2-letter domain they now have- is far cooler and cleaner than and by a long shot. Some of the top global brands have figured out the obvious-  short brand names are cool. This is not rocket science.


Verisign and Sedo Premium dotTV Domain Name Upcoming Auction Inventory Announced
“The value of owning a top rate .tv domain includes brand recognition and improved traffic for domain investors, TV networks, movie sites, and other online content providers.”- Sedo

“When Major League Baseball wanted to create an online video hub for exclusive highlights, interviews, and in-depth coverage they secured The site features exclusive HD content and interviews only available online. is another example of innovative, creative video content available in one place from MTV Europe. When your business creates a content rich site with a .tv name, the result is increased traffic and attention as a category leader.“- Sedo

  • View Sedo .tv Premium Domain Name Inventory:
  • Learn more about dotTV with case studies:

Major media players are using rare, easy to remember 3-Letter (3L), short dotTV domain names as online brands such as TNT (, Major League Baseball ( and the National Hockey League ( These companies exemplify an awareness to adapt to change and technology and will prove to be visionary pioneers branding their video sites online for online video and Internet TV. In Europe, Viacom’s Music Television European is branding a dotTV video site with and last but not least famous sports network ESPN has embraced dotTV and 3D with a smart choice using!

Online video and dotTV compliment each other and make perfect sense as online video sites and Internet TV take center stage on the web and the mobile web. Online media is growing fast and becoming richer and faster with higher speeds and new technology breakthroughs including 3D TVs!  Premium dotTV domain names are intuitive, memorable, brandable and universal in all languages.

Greater New York Media Online Investments

Long Island, NY– Rarity means value out on Long Island and that is an understatement. How many high quality domain names are there for Greater New York Media? How many for Long Island? How many great domains are there for your niche industry?

Frank Schilling, a domain investor maverick, has a way with words in his assessment on the scarcity of meaningful, descriptive domain names that rarely hit the market in the many different verticals in business. The cream of the crop names are long gone Schilling says, and he elaborates by saying “Even if you back-up and cast as wide a net as possible, our decade of research and experience reveals perhaps 5–7 million words, numbers and phrases which ultimately have practical utility as a domain name. As you dig deeper, you begin to discover that perhaps 100 domain names or less make a meaningful website or descriptive-name for any given niche topic, with perhaps 5 or 10 being of very-good or excellent quality. When you consider the hundreds of millions of companies and individuals which want to control their own destiny and enhance the location of their website, there simply are not enough “good” names to go around.” (NAMedia)

Long Island and Greater New York media has how many category defining domain names? (Website Since 1996) comes to mind first intuitively for Long Island. Amazingly, is on auction Saturday January 23, 2010 at 1pm EST at the TRAFFIC Domain Conference in a competitive live domain auction held in Las Vegas: Rarely does a category geo-domain of this caliber trade in the open market. And how about the scarcity of a name for Long Island TV? is your answer.

How many 2-letter combinations are there for any domain extension? Less than 1,400 based on a 26 letter alphabet and this clearly is evidence of the extreme rarity of a 2-letter domain. It is no wonder short 2 and 3-letter domain names have been such high selling domain assets. Growing up on the Long Island Sound we listened to LIR (Long Island Radio) while driving down the LIE (Long Island Expressway) or boating on the LI Sound so “LI” is ingrained in the minds of Long Islanders and the Tri-State Greater New York area’s population in the area of 14,000,000 (14 million). is memorable. is ideal for branding, co-branding or as an online video extension. is a golden opportunity to stand above the crowd. is available for purchase or joint venture.

“The great creators-the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors-stood alone against the men of their time.” – Ayn Rand

Are you watching the domains?

Image: Watching The Races by W. Granville-Smith, Long Island, New York

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Time Warner Embraces dotTV Domain Name ‘TNT.Tv’

TNT – home
New York, NY– Cable TV Channel TNT.Tv, owned by Turner Broadcasting (Time Warner), strategically uses the extremely rare three-letter dotTV domain name ‘TNT.Tv’ for TNT’s official Internet TV Website. New York-based Time Warner Inc., the world’s largest entertainment media giant, takes advantage of the intuitive dotTV domain name to internationally brand their big time Internet TV property- TNT.Tv.

Time Warner recognizes the power of cleverly naming and branding TNT with dotTV versus dot-com for Internet TV. TNT.Tv’s branding strategy is an ingenious, global marketing move. The term ‘TV’ is universal language spoken and understood by all or most of the world’s population.

2009 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., A Time Warner Company. is part of the Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network.

Top 25 Retail Websites lists the Top 25 producing retail sites (July 2009 stats). The power of naming and branding is exemplified by top listed, major companies predominant use of short 2-3 letter domain names (acronym domains) and 4+ letter, one word, generic domain names developed strategically into household brand names through brand development and high recall advertising.

The following companies were smart, sharp and aware enough to create a naming and branding strategy through short domains and generic names by developing them into memorable global brands.


Short domain names are the  trophy vanity domains of the future. Naming strategies for offline and online marketing are more important than ever with the emerging on-the-go mobile Web, where Internet users appreciate the convenience of speed and recall. Short and generic domain advertising is an effective, “keep it simple stupid” strategy with evidence of proven results.  The shorter names offer quick keypad input access from mobile devices, netbooks, laptops and PCs. And let’s not foreget about the promising future of  intercative smart Internet TV to boot.

Moreover, professional sports marketing giants have all embraced a multi-channeling, short domain name strategy.

  • MLB.TV
  • NHL.TV

The fast growth of online video is great news for dotTV.  The big time pros like ESPN and MLB are embracing dotTV which puts the universal, intuitive, descriptive and meaningful dotTV on the global map with a promising future. A video channel using dotTV is an ideal choice for niche video sites and perfect as a\co-branded online extension for dot-com or ccTLD (country code) sites. Multi-channeling video sites with a dotTV extension means a faster track for users to get to company’s video content and Internet TV channel.