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“Welcome to Remix! We’re working to give you the tools you need to make Best Buy into what you need it to be. So far, we have an open API that gives you access to’s product catalog data.”-

Breaking News: Prime Category Domain ‘’ Sold for $1.76 Million in Cash

Travelzoo Purchases Domain Name for $1.8 Million
New York PRNewsWire 1/30/09- “Travelzoo (Nasdaq: TZOO), a global Internet media company, today announced that it has purchased the Internet domain name for $1,760,000 in cash. Travelzoo intends to use this domain name for a new information Web site to be launched”… Mega domain transaction brokered by Cambridge, MA-based

Airline Travel Domain Investment Offerings:

“Transforming Domains into Businesses”- Chena Ventures

Chena Ventures –
Paraguay’s Christian Chena, a superstar in the domain industry, has achieved domaining success by “transforming domains into businesses”.

“Chena Ventures was born in 2004 with the main objective of generating innovative businesses that provide services in areas such as communications, technology, education and commerce. Our passion is a product of years of experience and studies, transformed into e-commerce niches and Internet portals. Our network counts with millions of active users, with no effort on advertising whatsoever. This great resource was built by developing several commerce sites that brought up to the acquisition of generic domains and high traffic sources, completely removing the need of investing in advertising. We have developed solutions for a global audience and we have positioned ourselves strategically in the market, filling empty spaces and improving those already marketed.”- Chena Ventures

Visionary domainer- Chris Chena has followed his hopes and dreams through acquisitions and development of several generic domain name gems such as and just to name a couple of Chena Venture’s e-commerce sites. Loving what you do is paramount to internet success. Do you have a passion for domaining and/or domain development?
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From City Parking Garages, Buildings Will Rise – September 6, 2007 – The New York Sun

From City Parking Garages, Buildings Will Rise – September 6, 2007 – The New York Sun

The keep it simple stupid approach to real estate investing and real estate development is the best way to describe the amazing opportunities that exist in the domain space. Parking lot properties in New York City are being sold for large scale commercial real estate developments. High quality domain names (internet real estate) offers similar tremendous upside through domain development:

“Among the endangered species of the 21st century are New York City’s parking lots and garages. Over the past few years, developers have purchased these locations to make way for residential and commercial developments. Today, investors are pursuing opportunities for the development of residential, mixed-use, and hotel properties in light of the current credit crisis in the capital markets.”- Michael Stoler,

“Later this month, the final bids are due for the sales of six prime Midtown Manhattan parking garages comprising a portion of the Central Parking New York City portfolio. Located between 37th and 50th streets, the six would provide a developer up to 643,889 buildable square feet.”- Michale Stoler.

How long were these Manhattan prime real estate properties not at their highest and best use?

The prices for these parking lot development sites in Manahattan are staggering but the upside of having these properties at their highest and best use is alot more profitable for the commercial developers than the parking lot sellers. The same can be said for high quality domain development. Category defining keyword domain names offer web developers and domain investors a global audience in the multi-billions.

However, most people don’t even know what domain investing is. Ask the next ten strangers you come across, “What is a domainer?” or “What is domaining?”

S. Granville-Smith, Discloses Terms of IPO discloses terms of IPO

Austin, recently announced a $185 million IPO. Share volume and prices are expected to initially trade approximately 10.7 million shares in the area of $13 to $15 per share.’s revenue model is through affiliate markerters via credit card application approvals. The domain name has proved to be a valuable digitl asset that generates a large volume of natural type-in traffic and is one of the most prestigous web addresses in the domain industry. represents a rare gem of a generic domain name and is considered as one of the most valuable Class A trophy internet properties.

Just a few years ago, back in 2004, a small Austin-based marketing firm made international headlines for their $2.75 million acquisition of , one of the highest 7-figure domain name sales at that time. See this linked article:

“I feel like we bought a slice of Park Avenue”’s visionary Purchaser 2004

(Note: these numbers are not type-o’s)

This high quality domain name represents the reality of the upside potential for domain investors who have the vision to pay premium prices for premier domains. Imagine,’s value in say 10 or 20 years? By the way, for $5 Mln is looking cheap to say the least!

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Your Name as a Brand & Domain Name:

Boston, MA– Your name as a brand can be a powerful force both online and offline. NHL Hockey Hall of Famers and two of the greatest hockey players to ever lace up skates were Bobby Orr ( and Wayne Gretzky ( As smart as both Orr and Gretzky were on the ice, they also had the vision to develop their names and domain names as hockey brands off the ice. Check out the two hockey legends brilliant online e-commerce businesses:

P.S. Bobby Orr, a former Boston Bruins All-Star defenseman, was amazing both defensively and on offense; however, not defensive in domaining since he does not own Gretzky, not known for his defensive skills, proved to be defensive in the domain game by owning both and

Open for debate: “Superstar Bobby Orr was the greatest hockey player of all time!”- Inside Domaining

Photo from

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NameMedia Acquires

NameMedia Acquires
Waltham, MA– Greater Boston-based NameMedia, a major player in the domaining world, acquired to add some synergy to NameMedia’s began back in 1993, when Philip Greenspun used it as his personal homepage while a college student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA. The active photo site has grown into a photography niche community site with over 2.5 million photos and 5 million visitors per month. These one-word category leading generic domain names both have shown performance and proven results for online success.


Photo of Boston’s greatest skyscraper by InnUSA

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Seven Mile: A Content Site for Every Domain Name.. Powered By Yahoo!

Cayman Islands– Read value domain investor- Frank Schilling’s most recent, excellent blog post on the domain space evolution for content sites for domainers and the increased web opportunities for domain name monetization and development.

Linked Blog Post:

» NameMedia Launches – News – Launches, a Self-Serve Mortgage Lead Portal – News – Launches, a Self-Serve Mortgage Lead Portal:’s Press Release reads: Los Angeles, CA. October 2, 2007 – “, a leading consumer financial portal solutions company, announced today the launch of a new client interface called™, a self-serve lead portal dedicated to the broker and loan officer community. LeadMatch™ builds on the technology and expertise of – a top five lead generation company – to match brokers and individual loan officers with qualified consumers looking for mortgage loans”.- is a major player out on the west coast in the domain industry and holder of a substantial domain name portfolio.

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