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Cambridge, MA- Sedo’s premium domain aftermarket auction site reported a recent high-end, 6-figure domain sale today. Trades for $125,000 (

Opportune timing for this domain development project during such market volatility as investors need to watch for alternative investment options other than stocks and real estate. High net worth individuals and average investors should all consider diversification and look at Internet Real Estate- premium domain names as an alternative global investment. In today’s domain market, there are great buying opportunities that offer tremendous upside.

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  • “Premium domain names are the asset class of choice among domain investors, e-marketers and Internet entrepreneurs” – Inside Domaining
  • “A persuasive domain name is virtual salesmanship known by few”- Inside Domaining

Masters of Domain Names are Golden

The above major players in the domain industry control some of the world’s biggest domain name portfolios. Imagine the break up value of these companies? The value of extremely rare, high quality domain names are beyond price… a high-end domain name gem is priceless.

Sotheby’s Domain Name Auctions?

London, UK/New York, NY- Back in 1983, Sotheby’s sold a single, rare book called The Gospels of Henry the Lion for a staggering 8 million pounds!

In 1999, the domain name- ‘’ sold for $7.5 million and made the Guiness World Records for the highest reported domain name sale at the time. By 2007, was monetized and developed into a business directory site and sold for you guessed it… $345 million! ($345,000,000) in July of ’07 to R.H. Donnelly (Yellow Pages publisher).

Sotheby’s specializes in Fine Art & Jewelry auctions as well as collectible and memorabilia categories that include: Arms, Armour & Militaria, Automobiles, Fashion, Musical Instruments, Postage Stamps, Sporting Guns & Wine among others. How about Domains in the 21st century?

When will Sotheby’s continue to demonstrate innovation and respond to the needs of their international clientele by expanding more aggressively into cyberspace and more importantly into the emerging domain name auction space?

Photo: Sotheby’s in NYC

TRAFFIC West 2008 Las Vegas Keynotes CEO- Jim McCann

Las Vegas, Nevada– The TRAFFIC West 2008 Las Vegas (2/18/08-2/20/08) released the inventory of domain name assets to be auctioned off by Moniker. & vanity 1-800-Flowers telephone number CEO, Jim McCann, will be a keynote speaker at the Domain King- Rick Schwartz’s domainer conference.

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1 Billion More Internet Users Projected w/in 10 Years

Within the next 10 years, the number of internet usage will double with 1 billion more internet users. China is projected to account for 25% of this increase by adding an expected 250 million internet users. India and Brazil will add internet users in the area of 200 million. The fastest growth rate of internet usage globally is expected to be the African continent. What will the effect of another billion users have on the internet and domain investors?

Internet Cafe in China Photo by ShazukaBazooka

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Top 20 Most Influential People In The Domain Industry

Blog: The 20 Most Influential People In The Domain Industry

Photo: International Domain Investor- Frank Schilling,

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Seven Mile: A Content Site for Every Domain Name.. Powered By Yahoo!

Cayman Islands– Read value domain investor- Frank Schilling’s most recent, excellent blog post on the domain space evolution for content sites for domainers and the increased web opportunities for domain name monetization and development.

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The Web’s Local Mogul – Sep. 27, 2007

The Web’s local mogul – Sep. 27, 2007
Marchex’s CEO, Russell Horowitz, was consulted by Frank Schilling, one of the world’s top domain investors, which led to the biggest domain portfolio acquisition reported to date. Back in February of 2005, Marchex paid $160 million ($160,000,000) for legendary domainer-Yun Ye’s 100,000 domain name investment portfolio. Marchex has an ambitious and aggressive domaining strategy with its core business focus on the emerging local search market. The Seattle-based company has already launched 100,000 websites this past spring. is on a roll…

“Each of those websites is designed to mine what Horowitz believes is the next rich source of Internet gold: local markets. Today roughly 15 million businesses spend an estimated $100 billion on non-Internet, locally targeted advertising. Those ad dollars are gradually moving to the Internet; Wall Street firm Piper Jaffray estimates that local online ad spending, now at $5 billion, will hit $25 billion in the next decade“- Paul Sloan (linked article)

Source: Paul Sloan Business 2.0 Magazine
Photo credit Brian Smith: Canadian domain investor- Frank Schilling, ( of The Cayman Islands, a Global Offshore Financial Centre… the islands of Grand Cayman’s motto: “He hath founded it upon the seas”

Re: Frank Schilling (

  • “Do yourself a favor and put Frank Schilling’s domain investing blog- on your reading list”- S. Granville-Smith
  • “Frank’s impressive knowledge of the domain space is fascinating”- Inside Domaining

P.S. View Frank Schilling’s Webcast (scroll down to the South of this homepage)

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Speculating on domain names
I found this linked 2006 domaining article on from John Cooke’s Venture Blog

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