Sedo No-Reserve Domain Auction:

Stats for Keyword & Adword: Pomegranate

  • Cost/Click:
    $0.48 – $1.34
  • Advertisers:
  • Clicks/Day:
    167 – 211
  • Search Results:
    7,310,000+650,000 (9.76 %)
  • Cost/Day:
    $80.13 – $290.00$0.00 (0.00 %)

Stats For Keyword & Adword: Acai

  • Cost/Click:
    $0.61 – $1.94
  • Advertisers:
    20-1 (-4.76 %)
  • Clicks/Day:
    102 – 129
  • Search Results:
    10,800,000+1,920,000 (21.62 %)
  • Cost/Day:
    $61.77 – $260.00$0.00 (0.00 %)

Pomegranate Acai products are among the most popular food and beverage trends, as well as emerging trends in health, beauty and cosmetics products.

Recent Acai Domain Sales:

  • Sold for $24,000 (GreatDomains 2/09, Sold for $2k in 2006 BuyDomains)
  • Sold for $1,000 (Private Sale 2008)
  • Sold for $700 (Private Sale 2008)
  • Sold for $938 (Sedo 2009)
  • Sold for $210 (Sedo 2009)

Sedo’s No-Reserve 7-day Auction Starts 3/16 Ends 3/23: (Logo included in domain sale).

Domain Name ‘’ Sold for $10k

Category generic domain- recently sold on for $10,100 to the highest bidder. Google search results for the keyword “Mouthguards” show 858,000 search results and a number of paid search marketers, as well as one prime sponsored link north of the Google page.

  • Estimated Paid Search Stats for Mouthguards

    $0.45 – $1.23

    8.69 – 11.0

    $3.95 – $20.00

BTW, remember the glory days of “old time hockey” in the ’70s?

(SI Photo: Bobby Clarke/ Philadelphia Flyers)

Breaking News: Prime Category Domain ‘’ Sold for $1.76 Million in Cash

Travelzoo Purchases Domain Name for $1.8 Million
New York PRNewsWire 1/30/09- “Travelzoo (Nasdaq: TZOO), a global Internet media company, today announced that it has purchased the Internet domain name for $1,760,000 in cash. Travelzoo intends to use this domain name for a new information Web site to be launched”… Mega domain transaction brokered by Cambridge, MA-based

Airline Travel Domain Investment Offerings:

Super Bowl Ads and Domain Name Strategy – Daily News for Thursday, January 29, 2009
A high percentage (84%) of Super Bowl advertisers last year integrated domain names into ads, as 70% ran paid search advertising to coincide with their 30-second TV commercials, which ran in the area of $2.7 million. This year, the 2009 Super Bowl 30-second spots run up to a record breaking $3 million per TV ad!

Will Madison Avenue and their high roller, Super Bowl advertisers flash powerful, persuasive, descriptive, intuitive and memorable domain names on your big plasma screen TVs for the entire duration of the 30-second spots or will they miss the boat again and just show the URLs briefly as usual at the end of the ad for a mere few seconds?

  • GoDaddy leverages their staggering Super Bowl ad spend with continued success through aggressive, controversial viral videos, mobile viral advertisng, and a social media campaign on YouTube. How ’bout microblogging your domain industry giant with viral video ads and mobile coupons on Twitter Mr. Parsons?

Search Marketing Fact Pack 2008 – Advertising Age – DataCenter: Search Fact Pack 08

Megayacht News Vidcasts Launched – MarketWatch

Megayacht News Vidcasts Launched – MarketWatch
“Yacht enthusiasts have a new way to learn what is going on in the luxury-yacht market, specifically power and sailing yachts measuring 80 feet on up to more than 400 feet. Content from Megayacht News, found at, is selected and transformed into video segments, airing as the two- to three-minute “Megayacht Report.” The next Vidcast will air Monday…”

Emerging Keywords for Online Video Advertising- Vidcast, Videocast, Vodcast, and Webcast as Web videos, video-sharing, video advertising, mobile videos, video reviews and Internet Tv grows rapidly.

Check out the latest Google keyword search results:

  • Results 1 – 10 of about 418,000 for Vidcast
  • Results 1 – 10 of about 1,170,000 for Vodcast
  • Results 1 – 10 of about 2,870,000 for Videocast
  • Results 1 – 10 of about 38,000,000 for Webcast [definition]

Video Keyword Video Domain Assets Offered by International Domain Brokers; Click Here


The world’s richest people: the web billionaires – International Herald Tribune

World-renowned domain investors from Vancouver- Frank Schilling and Kevin Ham are the next generation web billionaires… don’t you agree?

WSJ Reporter’s New Book- ‘The Domain Game’ by David Kesmodel

Chicago, Illinois, USA– David Kesmodel, a Wall Street Journal reporter, authored an upcoming domain names book- The Domain Game book… here is how the much anticipated domaining book starts out… excerpt:

“In the fall of 2002, a thirty-three-year-old man living in the Cayman Islands made a rather unorthodox financial decision. He took all of his family’s savings, which totaled about $200,000, and invested it in thousands of Internet domain names.

The move terrified his wife, who phoned her in-laws to warn them that something might be wrong with him. But the man, normally conservative with money, kept remarkably calm throughout his domain-buying binge. He’d done lots of research and was convinced he was doing the right thing. “Don’t worry, honey,” he said repeatedly.

At the time of Frank Schilling’s big bet on Web addresses, the Internet economy was in the doldrums … ” – David Kesmodel

“The prolific generic domainer- Frank Schilling, a value domain investor, has become the Warren Buffett of the domain industry in a relatively short span of time”- Steve Smith

“The Domain Game will add synergy to the fast growing domain market in the U.S. and globally”- Inside Domaining

“Frank Schilling is a new media visionary and a maverick Internet pioneer of domain investing and keyword search marketing” Inside Domaining
Frank Schilling’s blog: and/or and/or
Domain Name Investing Resource:
S. Granville-Smith, Inside Domaining

Webcasts Revitalize Lunch – New York Times

Noontime Web Video Revitalizes Lunch at Desk – New York Times
Source: by Brain Stelter

  • At the time of this blog post, there were twenty seven million (27,000,0000) Google search results for the generic keyword- “Webcast”.

Video Domain Name Investment Opportunity:

Education Webcast Image Source:

S. Granville-Smith,