Top Brands Watch: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the most recognized brand in the world. Coke is sold in over 200 countries. The Coca-Cola Company uses a multi-channel, Internet marketing strategy. Here is a breakdown of some of the many Coca-Cola Internet properties and how they are using domain names for advertising and branding.

Even the top global brands are often slow to adapt to domain name strategy and new media. Coke seems to be laggards in some areas on the Internet as Coke has sometimes slowly adapted to new Internet techniques. For instance, Coke’s company blog was launched in 2008. The company joined YouTube in 2006 and has not ramped it up yet as the official Coke YouTube channel currently has less than 15,000 subscribes and less than 4 million channel views (YTD).

Doing things backwards and breaking domain name rules? Domain experts would most likely agree a domain strategy of using their short, four letter web address ‘’ as the main e-Commerce site and recommend both & to re-direct to (the opposite of what Coke is doing today). As for and (best to go without the hyphen as the main site), and wouldn’t it make logical sense to prioritize the Coca-Cola TV site which is currently only in Spanish- especially as video search is emerging so rapidly. Thus,  it makes perfect sense to build out video site as a global TV site (multilingual for all countries!). Moreover, does not reslove but would be more powerful as the go-to web address for Coke TV instead of Coca-Cola TV or at least co-branded as two video sites.

In sum, there is always room for improvement with a domain name strategy and even for the big time pros like Coke. Who owns the powerful, category defining, generic, four-letter (4L) domain name- ‘‘ (currently a parked ad site)? Coca Cola is numero uno as a global brand but their naming and branding is not perfect. Red Bull kicks their butt in the energy drink market, don’t they?

P.S. Also, we suggest ‘’ instead of ‘Coca-ColaConversations’. The “Keep it Simple Stupid” approach 😉

* Coca-Cola is the first company featured in our new ‘Top Brands Watch’ series about top global brands use of domain names in advertising. Domain Names in Advertising

Trophy Domain Names Create Image of Success

Powerful category defining domain names are marketing weapons offline and online and a force to be reckoned with.

Top 10 Benefits of Category Killer Domain Assets:

  • Natural Type-in Browser Traffic… premium domains “have legs”.
  • Extremely Rare… a one of its kind ‘gem’.
  • Category Defining… you own the keyword search term.
  • Recall… subliminal & easy to remember.
  • Descriptive Meaning… intuitive, persuasive & gravitational.
  • Creates Consumer Confidence… you become the ‘Official Site’ by default!
  • Brand Loyalty… adds value to your brand.
  • Credibility & Prestige… sets your online status above the crowd.
  • Competitive Edge… hedge against your competitor’s domain strategy.
  • Inherent Value… one time marketing cost that reaps rewards for a lifetime & more.
  • Priceless Internet Real Estate!… Success.

“If you want confidence in others online & offline, show confidence in your domain name”- Inside Domaining

“He who has the best possible domain name has little competition”- Inside Domaining

There is one thing that you can do better than your competition. What is it? Don’t wait for a domain name strategy… make it! Dream big… dream big domains.

“You won’t know how close success is unless you turn the corner.”- Og Mandino

PepsiCo launches Acai Juice for its Tropicana Brand

US: PepsiCo to launch higher-end Tropicana: Beverage News & CommentPepsiCo is launching a super premium line of juices for its Tropicana juice brand which includes big plans for the giant soft drink company to sell Acai Juice.

Will Pepsi “Take the Pepsi Challenge” to their rival beverage companies competing to sell acai juice and be sharp, smart and aware enough to acquire the generic domain name- “” and create a brilliant domain name strategy?

Tropicana sells a ton of orange juice- “OJ” worldwide and their new premium line of acai juice may just be the beginning of “AJ” as Acai Juice is considered the top SuperJuice in the world!
Do you think Pepsi’s Tropicana Acai Juice would hit the jackpot with the domain name?
S. Granville-Smith, Inside Domaining Promotes Generic Domain Name in Multi-Million Dollar Super Bowls Ads took center stage in millions of living rooms globally on Super Bowl Sunday. This inadvertently promoted generic domain names to a record breaking Super Bowl viewership in the area of 97.5 million.

To view Giants 17 Pats 14 Commercials $2.7 million 30-second Super Bowl ads:

How much is worth considering they just paid over $5 Mln for just two 30-second Super Bowl ads?

S. Granville-Smith,

NFL’s Domain Name Strategy Features ‘’

The Dallas Cowboys franchise could take a lesson or two from their pro football league- the NFL.
The NFL knows the power of controlling a domain name strategy by using the domain name- as a re-directer to a sub-domain of their site to attract football fans globally to pro football’s main event of the year. Smart move on the NFL’s part considering the Super Bowl Tv audience is expected to be in the area of 90 million viewers. The site offers an opportunity to capture some of the internet traffic of fans seeking Super Bowl news, T-shirts, & memorabilia. And Super Bowl ads are expensive- $2.7 million for a 30 second spot. The domain name has a much longer shelf life than the game itself and a life expectancy of many years to come. As for “America’s team”- the Dallas Cowboys, they lost a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire last year at the TRAFFIC domainer conference’s live auction. Instead, a team of domain investors were the highest bidder for and use the domain as a developed niche site with a Western theme.

This years Super Bowl has created lots of buzz & hype as the undefeated New England Patriots face the wild card underdog and Boston rival- New York Giants. Giants rookie- Steve Smith is a new weapon for New York as a wide receiver. Think of when the sports announcer says “Steve Smith” during the play-by-play through-out the game. Now that’s what I call FREE PR and alot more coverage than a 30-second ad spot that costs an arm and a leg!

Prediction: Giants upset Pats… Giants 34 Pats 30
Steve Smith: 100+ yards, 1 TD
MVP: Eli Manning… he’s all grown’d up!

(* Money has been heavy on the Giants as the line @ BoDog moved from Patriots -14 to Pats -11.5 re-directs to a sub-domain Super Bowl site $370,000 Sold 2007 missed domain name investment opportunity

Steve Smith,

The Future of Bermuda’s Online Advertising

The Hottest Marketing Trends for 2008 –

The Hottest Marketing Trends for 2008 –

  • New Media- Online & Mobile
  • Interactive Marketing to reach $61 billion by 2012 (Forrester Research)
  • Off-line support for on-line campaigns


Using domain names off-line to support on-line campaigns is promising for domain names to gain more momentum in marketing strategies.

Online video ads are the next big thing.

S. Granville-Smith, Domain Name Strategy

Burger King (NYSE: BKC), “BK”, the global fast food chain of hamburger restaurants has launched an aggressive domain name advertising strategy with It’s not “smile you’re on Candid Camera” or you’re on “Boiling Point”… it’s “you’re on”. Customers ordering whoppers get heated after hearing BK discontinued the Whopper off their menu as a promotional gimmick.

See the customers reactions on BK’s hidden camera: