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Live Webcast Domain Name ‘ on Sedo Auction

Most popular keyword search term ‘Live Webcast’ for live online video.

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Time Warner Embraces dotTV Domain Name ‘TNT.Tv’

TNT – home
New York, NY– Cable TV Channel TNT.Tv, owned by Turner Broadcasting (Time Warner), strategically uses the extremely rare three-letter dotTV domain name ‘TNT.Tv’ for TNT’s official Internet TV Website. New York-based Time Warner Inc., the world’s largest entertainment media giant, takes advantage of the intuitive dotTV domain name to internationally brand their big time Internet TV property- TNT.Tv.

Time Warner recognizes the power of cleverly naming and branding TNT with dotTV versus dot-com for Internet TV. TNT.Tv’s branding strategy is an ingenious, global marketing move. The term ‘TV’ is universal language spoken and understood by all or most of the world’s population.

2009 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., A Time Warner Company. is part of the Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network. — Search Engine Optimization Industry Leader Buys Financial News – Yahoo! Finance — Search Engine Optimization Industry Leader Buys Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
“SEOP has wanted this domain for some time and we are excited to acquire this crown jewel of the global industry,” Spears said. “SEOP is one of the top Search Engine Marketing brands in the world. This is a world-class domain and we are excited that we finally own” said SEOP President Rhonda Spears

Recent SEO domain name ‘’ acquisition price was undisclosed.
Wonder if the 3L domain- is on their radar?

‘Obamanomics’ Yields Big Bucks – Politics – CBN News

‘Obamanomics’ Yields Big Bucks – Politics – CBN News
“Profits from Obama-related merchandise are estimated at $300 million and climbing.”… sounds like an understatement.

How much will the trophy domain name ‘’ trade for? Domain Name Acquired by AT&T for $3.85 Million – Domain Name Acquired by AT&T for $3.85 Million
Mega-domain deal closed for 7-digits…. extremely rare 2L domain name- ‘’ sold to AT&T for $3.85 million. “Today internet history has been made with the acquisition of the domain name for an eye popping $3.85 million. Little is known as to the traffic volume to the site; however the web site rating service Alexa ranked at roughly 70,000 implying that it was in the top 70,000 sites on the planet with roughly 1,000 to 3,000 visits per day.”- Business Wire

New Look & Feel, More Information On Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft’s is coming to life with new bells & whistles… the powerful generic domain name is worth its weight in gold.

I believe this may interest some big guns down the Internet TV road. As brilliant as the “” brand is… there is always something more exciting around the corner and that is the future of “live webcast” in your living room and on your Pay Internet TV… imagine if you will for a moment, picture in your mind an amazing, easy-to-remember, brandable and extremely powerful generic domain name: LiveWebcast.TV! That’s right it has a beautiful ring to it! And there’s a few more gems of powerful generic domain names that will rule the Internet TV world when it comes to pay-per-view:, PayInternet.TV & PayInternetTV.TV

Domain Name Investment Opportunity:

LiveWebcast.TV is the domain name of the future! is “1 in a million”!

“These are the GlennGary leads and to you they’re gold. And you don’t get them… They’re for closers” – GlennGary Glen Ross Movie

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