Top 100 Great Inventions

One Hundred Great Things – TIME
While reading about the Reddi-Wip inventor-Aaron S. “Bunny” Lapin, who recently died, I stumbled upon this great old 1998 Time Magazine 5-page article about some of the best inventions in the 1900’s. This list of 100 great inventions puts the speed of technology into perspective. Just think back to the early 90’s-remember Prodigy’s online service? More importantly, imagine if you will for a moment, the mid-90s when domain names emerged as the Internet came alive compared to where we are now in the infancy stages of domaining, e-commerce, online video, mobile Web and new social media. The next big thing?

2-For-Tuesday: TaxCreditBridgeLoan(s).com

Congress’ 2009 stimulus-bill tax credit for real estate acquisitions has sparked a new incentive for home buyer’s creative financing- some states have created tax credit bridge-loan programs that advance purchasers the money they need for real estate closings. Tax Credit Bridge Loans are hot in 10 states and more states are expected to roll out similar innovative tax credit bridge loan programs to monetize the stimulus-bill tax credit nationwide!

The real estate crisis and the credit crisis in the U.S. offers opportunity to those who seek innovative financing solutions and creativity in a challenging market. The above referenced SEO domain names are available as a 2-for-1 domain special.

Emerging Trend: Mobile Coupon Services

Value of Mobile Coupons to Increase >30%, Says Juniper Research – WIRELESS AND MOBILE NEWS

Emerging Trends:
  • Juniper Research predicts that the redemption value of mobile coupons will increase by over 30% by 2010.
  • With in excess of 100m mobile phone users globally forecast to use mobile coupons in 2010, Juniper Research sees significant growth across the developed markets of North America, Western Europe, the Far East and China.

Numeric Domaining

dotMobi Allocates First Two-Character Mobile Domain to Fifth Third Bank
Fifth Third Bank has recently launched as an online extension to their existing numeric brand-

  • Numeric domaining is an emerging trend for early adopters speculating on promising mobile Web marketing strategies.

Emerging Trend: dot-NYC Big City Domain Names

New domain name on Web could mean more revenue for city –

Geo-targeted dotNYC domains can’t miss for local New York City businesses. The Big Apple’s .nyc is coming to an Internet Connected TV , computer, laptop and/or mobile device near you. What are your thoughts?

Internet Connected TVs

Converging Media… Watch Internet TV Video (Click headline)

Top 10 Speculative Internet TV Domain Names:

What’s Behind the First 3D Super Bowl Ads – News and Analysis by PC Magazine

What’s Behind the First 3D Super Bowl Ads – News and Analysis by PC Magazine
3D Advertising is an emerging trend as the 2009 Super Bowl debuts its first ever 3D Commercial. Super Advertising costs up to an all-time record breaking $3 million per 30-second commercial. Domain company- has been a consistent Super Bowl advertiser for 5 consecutive years.

Denver developers aim to ride out recession – The Denver Post

“Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2009,” listed Denver among 15 American cities expected to outperform the rest of the country.

Check out The Spire, Denver’s new high-rise development:

Denver Real Estate Domain Investment


Superfoods! – on The Food Channel

Açai fruit – becoming known as a super-duper food. One of the most powerful, most nutritious of all foods”- The Food Channel

Acai Juice: “is touted as possessing greater quantities of those sought after substances than another – pomegranate. Both have been dubbed ‘superfruits,’ as have blackcurrants, blueberries, cranberries, goji berries, lingonberries and mangosteen, among others. The small, purple açaí berry from the Amazonian rainforest not only packs antioxidants and omega fatty acids; it also boasts high fiber and vitamin content. Virtually unheard of in the US prior to the 21st century, açaí quickly attracted several eager competitors.”- FoodBev

MediaPost Publications – JWT Forecasts 2009 Trends – 12/30/2008

JWT, an advertising agency giant, forecasts solar, environment & mobile as among the next few big things. “The future belongs to those who capitalize on emerging trends”…

“T. Boone Pickens, the Texas oil billionaire, has invested $58 million in promoting the “Pickens Plan.” His goal is to promote widespread adoption of natural gas, solar power and wind power.”- Fern Siegal (Source: will be launched in 2009!