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PALO ALTO, Calif. — “While many entrepreneurs and financiers boast fancier pedigrees, Guy Kawasaki still is a head-banging bruddah from a tough blue-collar neighborhood in Honolulu”- Edward Iwata

Canada’s Tim Horton’s Proves How Important a Name is to Success

Canadian legendary Hockey Hall of Famer, Tim Horton, opened a donut shop while a young enterprising NHL hockey player and became a successful entrepreneur while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Tim Horton made the NHL All-Star team throughout his 20+ year pro hockey career and became a 4-time Stanley Cup Champion. Tragicly, Tim Horton died in a car accident the night after his last game as a beloved national heroic hockey player while driving home from Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens to Buffalo, NY at the young age of 42. “Tim Horton is the epitome of ‘only the good die young’ “- Inside Domaining

“Tim Hortons is a coffee-and-doughnut fast food restaurant chain incorporated in Delaware but having its headquarters and most of its stores in Canada. Founded in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1964,[2] the store rapidly expanded across Canada to become the country’s largest quick-service food chain.[3]

Tim Hortons franchise stores are plentiful in Canadian cities and towns. As of July 1, 2007, there were 2,733 outlets in Canada, 345 outlets in the United States and one outlet just outside Kandahar, Afghanistan.[4] Tim Hortons has supplanted McDonald’s as Canada’s largest food service operator; it has nearly twice as many Canadian outlets as McDonald’s, and its system-wide sales surpassed those of McDonald’s Canadian operations in 2002.[5] The chain accounted for 22.6% of all fast food industry revenues in Canada in 2005.[3] Tim Hortons commands 76% of the Canadian market for baked goods (based on the number of customers served) and holds 62% of the Canadian coffee market (compared to Starbucks, in the number two position, at 7%).”- Wikipedia.com Tim Horton and Ron Joyce

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“The first “Tim Horton” (the “‘s” came later) store opened in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. The business was founded by Tim Horton, who played in the National Hockey League from 1949 until his death in a car accident in 1974. Soon after Horton opened the store, he met Ron Joyce, a former Hamilton police constable. In 1965, Joyce’s entrepreneurial spirit had come to the fore and he took over the fledgling Tim Horton Donut Shop on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton. By 1967, after he had opened up two more stores, he and Tim Horton became full partners in the business. Upon Horton’s death, Joyce bought out the Horton family and took over as sole owner of the existing chain of forty stores. Joyce expanded the chain quickly and aggressively in geography and in product selection, opening the 500th store in Aylmer, Quebec, in 1991.
Ron Joyce’s aggressive expansion of the Tim Horton’s business resulted in two major changes in the coffee and doughnut restaurant market: independent doughnut shops in Canada were virtually eliminated, and Canada’s per-capita ratio of doughnut shops surpassed those of all other countries.
The chain later went public under the corporate name “Tim Donut Limited”. By the 1990s, the company name had changed to The TDL Group Ltd. This was an effort by the company to diversify the business, removing the primary emphasis on doughnuts.
Some older locations retain signage with the company’s name including a possessive apostrophe, despite the fact that the official styling of the company’s name has been Tim Hortons, without an apostrophe, for at least a decade.” – Wikipedia.com
S. Granville-Smith, InsideDomaining.com