Newspapers Build Digital Portfolios – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

Newspapers Build Digital Portfolios – Advertising Age – MediaWorks
Who’s investing in what?

  • GANNETT: (controlling interest)
    Planet Discover
    Schedule Star
    QuadrantOne (investment stake)
    Mogulus (investment stake)
    UGO entertainment
    KaboodlePandora (investment stake)
    E Ink (investment stake)
    Brightcove (investment stake)
    Buzzfeed (investment stake)
    Double Fusion — in-game advertising (investment stake)
    First30Days (investment stake)
    IGG (investment stake)
    MobiTV (investment stake)
    NR2B Research (investment stake)
    Spire/Suzanne’s files (investment stake)
    TurnHere (investment stake)
    WideOrbit (investment stake)
    Classfied Ventures (,,
    QuadrantOne (25% interest)
    Advisor Classified Ventures (16.5% interest along with McClatchy, Gannet and Belo.) -(Source: AdAge)

    Notice quite a few generic domain names being used among the above referenced developed Websites. Great linked AdAge article for geo-domain investors. The Internet is forcing traditional media to change and adapt by taking bold action online before it’s too late. Descriptive, meaningful generic domain names are playing a key role in the evolution of new media.

PPC Summit Announces Expert Search Engine Marketing Speaker Line-Up For NY Conference May 13-14

PPC Summit Announces Expert Search Engine Marketing Speaker Line-Up For NY Conference May 13-14 New York, NY (PRWEB) April 6, 2009 — Pay Per Click (PPC) Summit today announced expert speaker line-up scheduled for the upcoming New York conference on May 13-14. The A list of industry experts will share knowledge and lead training sessions on how to manage profitable search engine marketing and Pay Per Click campaigns for Google Adwords, Yahoo! and MSN. –

Domain Name Advertising Revolution?

Proposed New Dictionary Word: Domainertising: Domain Advertising


Domain Name: A series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods, such as , that is an address of a computer network connection and that identifies the owner of the address.

Advertising: Ad-ver-tis-ing

  1. The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.
  2. The business of designing and writing advertisements.
  3. Advertisements considered as a group: This paper sells advertising.

Domainertising: Domain-er-tis-ing:


The activity of attaracting public attention to a product, service or business by using a domain name strategy in online and offline promotions through online advertising, outdoor advertising, traditional media, new social media and the mobile Web.

  1. The business of creating keyword generic domain names as well as descriptive domains that offer relevance, SEO strength, brandability, call-to-action, viral mobile ads, mobile websites, blogs, geo-targeting and online extensions for multi-channeling marketing efforts and social media campaigns.
  2. Domainertising is considered as a dynamic, cutting-edge marketing strategy for strategic advertising, Internet advertising and mobile advertising.

Internet domain names used as an advertising and domain name strategy for offline and online marketing.

The domain name industry needs a change in power by working as a team to promote the importance and greatness of quality domain names to mass media, small business owners, major corporations, the Advertising World and Madison Avenue.

In sum, as a cohesive team of social networking domain investor warriors and Internet entrepreneurs, together we can create change. Let’s elevate our game and work as a team and as a master mind to manifest the promising future of the domain industry and domain investing.

Let’s educate the masses with a simple message- Domainertising is the answer- advertising with powerful domains… smart for advertisers, online advertising, affiliate marketing, search marketing, local search, mobile marketing and new social media. We can do this with strategic, collaborative efforts on domain blogs, domain micro-blogs and mobile viral tweets on Twitter. (you can start now simply by posting an RT (re-tweet) of Twitter posts, as well as RT domain-related tweets consistently with persistence of your fellow domain micro-bloggers!

Do you have any further ideas to boost domain awareness on a local, regional, national and global level? Let’s make it happen. We will all benefit.

(Domain Name defined by, Advertising defined by, Domainertising defined by Inside Domaining)

Top 10 City Newspapers in Trouble

The Top 10 papers in danger, according to 24/7 Wall St., include (in order):

1.) The Philadelphia Daily News, the smaller of two jointly operated papers.
2.) The Minneapolis Star Tribune, which has filed for Chapter 11 protection.
3.) The Miami Herald, hurt by the state’s severe real estate collapse.
4.) The Detroit News, the smaller of two papers in the Motor City.
5.) The Boston Globe.
6.) The San Francisco Chronicle, a deadline for closing has been set.
7.) The Chicago Sun-Times, the smaller of two city newspapers.
8.) The New York Daily News, which could see losses in the millions.
9.) The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, facing stiff competition in the Dallas market.
10.) The Cleveland Plain Dealer, located in one of the nation’s toughest markets.
(Source: Boston Herald)

The Boston Globe owns geo-domain name ‘’. The geo-domains of the above referenced major cities will survive and thrive down the road as old media converges with new media. Traditional print media advertising dollars will continue to migrate online with the emerging trend of geo-targeted, local paid search marketing.

New York Magazine Archives Online by Google and Google have reached an agreement to have New York Magazine’s archives dating back from 1968 to present to be made available online.

Imagine the content and monetization ideas that can be created online for category domain names and geo-domains by scanning archived content. Online publishers have strategic and speculative Internet advertising opportunities to explore. Publishers of niche magazines and archived offline publications of the past can bring the old content back to life online with a global reach. Throw in some in banner advertising by blending the ads into the archived content, as well as, create targeted mobile viral ads for the mobile Web, and now Google continues to be unstoppable.

Pay Internet TV

Bewkes Pushes TV Everywhere — As Long As You Pay for It – Advertising Age – MediaWorks NEW YORK ( — Time Warner’s CEO- Jeff Bewkes hopes to put more TV on the internet, but he’s going to make consumers prove they’ve paid for it.
Time Warner, the largest owner of cable networks including TNT, Cartoon Network, CNN and HBO, sat back and watched as broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox tried to sort out the distribution of TV on the web. But now Mr. Bewkes, Time Warner CEO, has a plan to put all cable programming on the web in places such as Hulu, MySpace, Yahoo TV, or even YouTube. Of course, there’s a catch. To get it you’ll have to prove you subscribe to pay TV through cable, satellite, or telco. –

Top 10 Advertisers in the USA

January – September 2008
Parent Company
Total Ad Dollars Spent*










(Source: Nielsen Monitor-Plus)

*Number in millions

Marchex to Participate in the 19th Annual Citigroup Global Entertainment, Media and Telecommunications Conference – MarketWatch

Marchex to Participate in the 19th Annual Citigroup Global Entertainment, Media and Telecommunications Conference – MarketWatch
SEATTLE, Jan 05, 2009 — Marchex, Inc.
MCHX 5.92, +0.11, +1.9%) , a domain industry giant, as well as a leading local search and advertising company, recently announced tomorrow’s January 6th live webcast with Russell C. Horowitz, CEO, who will present at the following media conference:
— 19th Annual Citigroup Global Entertainment, Media and Telecommunications Conference Tuesday, January 6, 2009 Time: 2:50 p.m. Pacific Time The Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ

Live Webcast of the upcoming Marchex presentation will be available on Marchex’s Web site:

Creative Domaining & Art

Online Bucks Advertising Trends

IAB UK : News and comment :
The ZenithOptimedia report argues that the Internet is vitally important during times of economic difficulty “as advertisers turn to it for its innovation and accountability, which is particularly important in a recession when every line of a budget must be justified”.

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