— Search Engine Optimization Industry Leader Buys Financial News – Yahoo! Finance — Search Engine Optimization Industry Leader Buys Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
“SEOP has wanted this domain for some time and we are excited to acquire this crown jewel of the global industry,” Spears said. “SEOP is one of the top Search Engine Marketing brands in the world. This is a world-class domain and we are excited that we finally own” said SEOP President Rhonda Spears

Recent SEO domain name ‘’ acquisition price was undisclosed.
Wonder if the 3L domain- is on their radar?

On-Demand TV Joint Venture –

Broadcasters tout on-demand TV joint venture –

Inside Domaining is pleased to offer the following… is available for acquisition or joint venture!

S. Granville-Smith,

Billionaire- Jerry Jones Invests in Domain Asset-‘’ for “America’s Team”!

Miami. FL/ Dallas, TX– Billionaire- Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, paid $275,000 for the domain asset- Considering the Dallas Cowboys franchise is estimated at a value in the area of $1.5 billion… the exact match keyword domain for the Cowboys franchise appears to be an absolute steal looking at the big picture. A 3o second TV commercial during the upcoming Super Bowl in 2008 will cost $2.7 million. Consider this reality… from the standpoint of buying a Super Bowl ad… then, for ten cents (10 cents) on the dollar- $275k, the Dallas Cowboys, an end-user, will have the privelege and benefit of the perfect domain name- for a lifetime! This should give their cheerleaders something to cheer about. The Dallas Cowboys have just scored a major touchdown with the acquisition of a killer domain asset that will last a lifetime! (TRAFFIC EAST MIAMI 2007 Domain Conference & Expo)

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S. Granville-Smith,