Live Music Webcasting Starts Making Sense in 2008

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The .TV domain space is opportune for video-on-demand (vodcast)/ internet Tv (web over Tv) websites that include live webcasts such as live music events. The LiveMusic.Tv is a remarkable generic domain name that has huge potential as a developed site to promote bands with live webcasts from all over the world. There’s amazing upside with a solid domain name like LiveMusic.Tv.

(Mariah Carey, Beyonce or some hip hop mogul should’ve bought the LiveMusic.Tv domain name! Think of the self-promotion angle; i.e, * DiddyTV, Howard Stern(Howard.Tv) .The .Tv is universal in every country in all languages and it makes perfect sense that .Tv will outperform .net to become the new “stepchild” of .com down the road.
* P Diddy launched DiddyTv on YouTube last year

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JayZ & Beyonce Photo by Music Television
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New Look & Feel, More Information On Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft’s is coming to life with new bells & whistles… the powerful generic domain name is worth its weight in gold.

I believe this may interest some big guns down the Internet TV road. As brilliant as the “” brand is… there is always something more exciting around the corner and that is the future of “live webcast” in your living room and on your Pay Internet TV… imagine if you will for a moment, picture in your mind an amazing, easy-to-remember, brandable and extremely powerful generic domain name: LiveWebcast.TV! That’s right it has a beautiful ring to it! And there’s a few more gems of powerful generic domain names that will rule the Internet TV world when it comes to pay-per-view:, PayInternet.TV & PayInternetTV.TV

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