Google, Sony, Intel & Logitech Team Up for ‘Google TV’

More Details Leak Out About Google’s Plans For The Set-Top Box | paidContent
Google teaming up with Sony (NYSE: SNE), Intel; (NSDQ: INTC) and Logitech to test technology for ‘Google TV’ (click headline to read more) Source: 

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P.S. Live Interactive TV

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Verisign and Sedo Premium dotTV Domain Name Upcoming Auction Inventory Announced
“The value of owning a top rate .tv domain includes brand recognition and improved traffic for domain investors, TV networks, movie sites, and other online content providers.”- Sedo

“When Major League Baseball wanted to create an online video hub for exclusive highlights, interviews, and in-depth coverage they secured The site features exclusive HD content and interviews only available online. is another example of innovative, creative video content available in one place from MTV Europe. When your business creates a content rich site with a .tv name, the result is increased traffic and attention as a category leader.“- Sedo

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Major media players are using rare, easy to remember 3-Letter (3L), short dotTV domain names as online brands such as TNT (, Major League Baseball ( and the National Hockey League ( These companies exemplify an awareness to adapt to change and technology and will prove to be visionary pioneers branding their video sites online for online video and Internet TV. In Europe, Viacom’s Music Television European is branding a dotTV video site with and last but not least famous sports network ESPN has embraced dotTV and 3D with a smart choice using!

Online video and dotTV compliment each other and make perfect sense as online video sites and Internet TV take center stage on the web and the mobile web. Online media is growing fast and becoming richer and faster with higher speeds and new technology breakthroughs including 3D TVs!  Premium dotTV domain names are intuitive, memorable, brandable and universal in all languages.

Greater New York Media Online Investments

Long Island, NY– Rarity means value out on Long Island and that is an understatement. How many high quality domain names are there for Greater New York Media? How many for Long Island? How many great domains are there for your niche industry?

Frank Schilling, a domain investor maverick, has a way with words in his assessment on the scarcity of meaningful, descriptive domain names that rarely hit the market in the many different verticals in business. The cream of the crop names are long gone Schilling says, and he elaborates by saying “Even if you back-up and cast as wide a net as possible, our decade of research and experience reveals perhaps 5–7 million words, numbers and phrases which ultimately have practical utility as a domain name. As you dig deeper, you begin to discover that perhaps 100 domain names or less make a meaningful website or descriptive-name for any given niche topic, with perhaps 5 or 10 being of very-good or excellent quality. When you consider the hundreds of millions of companies and individuals which want to control their own destiny and enhance the location of their website, there simply are not enough “good” names to go around.” (NAMedia)

Long Island and Greater New York media has how many category defining domain names? (Website Since 1996) comes to mind first intuitively for Long Island. Amazingly, is on auction Saturday January 23, 2010 at 1pm EST at the TRAFFIC Domain Conference in a competitive live domain auction held in Las Vegas: Rarely does a category geo-domain of this caliber trade in the open market. And how about the scarcity of a name for Long Island TV? is your answer.

How many 2-letter combinations are there for any domain extension? Less than 1,400 based on a 26 letter alphabet and this clearly is evidence of the extreme rarity of a 2-letter domain. It is no wonder short 2 and 3-letter domain names have been such high selling domain assets. Growing up on the Long Island Sound we listened to LIR (Long Island Radio) while driving down the LIE (Long Island Expressway) or boating on the LI Sound so “LI” is ingrained in the minds of Long Islanders and the Tri-State Greater New York area’s population in the area of 14,000,000 (14 million). is memorable. is ideal for branding, co-branding or as an online video extension. is a golden opportunity to stand above the crowd. is available for purchase or joint venture.

“The great creators-the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors-stood alone against the men of their time.” – Ayn Rand

Are you watching the domains?

Image: Watching The Races by W. Granville-Smith, Long Island, New York

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Major Sports Leagues Branding dotTV Domain Names for a Multi-Channeling Online Video Strategy

Major professional sports leagues and sports network ESPN value a multi-channeling, short domain name strategy for Internet TV and global online video syndication.

  • MLB.TV
  • NHL.TV

The fast growth of online video is an emerging trend for brandable dotTV domain name development. The big time pros like ESPN and MLB are branding dotTV as online extensions to their dot-com Websites which puts the universal, intuitive, descriptive and meaningful dotTV on the International map. Media networks and sites offering online video using, muti-channeling and/or co-branding a dotTV online extension is a no-brainer. dotTV for Web video sites creates a branding strategy by using multimedia leverage as a smart, innovative and meaningful multi-channeling option.

Video sites with a dotTV extension offers a fast track for users to get directly to a sports team’s Web clip highlights or a company’s video content by having a direct navigation to a dotTV Internet TV channel. Early adopters are embracing the emerging trend and fast growth of online video and Internet TV. The above referenced visionary Internet TV pioneers will benefit greatly by using the intuitive dotTV brand. And as you know, ‘TV’ is known as universal language in every country around the World.

Clicker Aims to Be the Path to TV Online – Bits Blog –

Clicker Aims to Be the Path to TV Online – Bits Blog –
Clicker launches and uses great generic domain name- ‘’ for Internet TV Guide.

Time Warner Embraces dotTV Domain Name ‘TNT.Tv’

TNT – home
New York, NY– Cable TV Channel TNT.Tv, owned by Turner Broadcasting (Time Warner), strategically uses the extremely rare three-letter dotTV domain name ‘TNT.Tv’ for TNT’s official Internet TV Website. New York-based Time Warner Inc., the world’s largest entertainment media giant, takes advantage of the intuitive dotTV domain name to internationally brand their big time Internet TV property- TNT.Tv.

Time Warner recognizes the power of cleverly naming and branding TNT with dotTV versus dot-com for Internet TV. TNT.Tv’s branding strategy is an ingenious, global marketing move. The term ‘TV’ is universal language spoken and understood by all or most of the world’s population.

2009 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., A Time Warner Company. is part of the Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network.

Rick Latona’s TRAFFIC Amsterdam ccTLD Domain Show Announces Premium dotTV Domain Auction

Premium dotTV Domain Names
  • $90,000
  • Satellite,tv $30,000
  • $37,500
  • $25,000
  • $25,000
  • $14,000
  • $14,000
  • $15,000
  • $15,000
  • $75,000
  • $9,000
The above listed Premium dotTV Domains have annual eNom registrar re-newals in the $750-$1,000 range ( $1,500).

Top 10 News Media Brands Online – March 2009

Top 10 Broadcast Media Websites – March 2009

  1. /(
  7. /(
  10. (National Public Radio)


As you can see, seven out of ten (70%) of the Top 10 broadcast media sites use short 3L (3-Letter) domain names. Imagine if you will for a moment, the future value of some of the extremely rare 2 & 3L domain names that can be used create brands &/or co-brand online media sites down the road with the emerging trend of online media & Internet TV.

Branding Long Island TV

  • Extremely Rare, 2 Letter, Premium, Brandable Geo-Domain Name
  • Long Island Population: 7,500,000+
  • Contains 4 Counties; 2 of which are boroughs of NYC- Queens & Kings (Brooklyn)
  • Longest & Largest Island in the contiguous U.S.
  • 149th Largest Island in the World
  • 17th Most Populous Island in the World
  • Located on the Gold Coast of the North Shore overlooking Long Island Sound
  • The South Shore on the Atlantic Ocean
  • The Hamptons is World-Renowned
  • Home of Montauk Point Lighthouse
  • Nassau County is the 3rd richest county per capita in the nation
  • One of the most densely populated regions in the U.S. Long Island TV… Branding Long Island TV: Class A Website/Internet TV Development Opportunity! … I Love

(LI has multiple meaningful uses: Click Here… LI is also the most popular surname in the world by far Click Here! i.e., China, Korea, etc. ;more importantly, “LI” has a staggering 556 million Google search results: Click Here)

Source: Wikipedia/Long Island

ID in Real-Time:

Domain Name Advertising Revolution?

Proposed New Dictionary Word: Domainertising: Domain Advertising


Domain Name: A series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods, such as , that is an address of a computer network connection and that identifies the owner of the address.

Advertising: Ad-ver-tis-ing

  1. The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.
  2. The business of designing and writing advertisements.
  3. Advertisements considered as a group: This paper sells advertising.

Domainertising: Domain-er-tis-ing:


The activity of attaracting public attention to a product, service or business by using a domain name strategy in online and offline promotions through online advertising, outdoor advertising, traditional media, new social media and the mobile Web.

  1. The business of creating keyword generic domain names as well as descriptive domains that offer relevance, SEO strength, brandability, call-to-action, viral mobile ads, mobile websites, blogs, geo-targeting and online extensions for multi-channeling marketing efforts and social media campaigns.
  2. Domainertising is considered as a dynamic, cutting-edge marketing strategy for strategic advertising, Internet advertising and mobile advertising.

Internet domain names used as an advertising and domain name strategy for offline and online marketing.

The domain name industry needs a change in power by working as a team to promote the importance and greatness of quality domain names to mass media, small business owners, major corporations, the Advertising World and Madison Avenue.

In sum, as a cohesive team of social networking domain investor warriors and Internet entrepreneurs, together we can create change. Let’s elevate our game and work as a team and as a master mind to manifest the promising future of the domain industry and domain investing.

Let’s educate the masses with a simple message- Domainertising is the answer- advertising with powerful domains… smart for advertisers, online advertising, affiliate marketing, search marketing, local search, mobile marketing and new social media. We can do this with strategic, collaborative efforts on domain blogs, domain micro-blogs and mobile viral tweets on Twitter. (you can start now simply by posting an RT (re-tweet) of Twitter posts, as well as RT domain-related tweets consistently with persistence of your fellow domain micro-bloggers!

Do you have any further ideas to boost domain awareness on a local, regional, national and global level? Let’s make it happen. We will all benefit.

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