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Sub-domains instead of .mobi or separate domains?

Mobile Web Design Trends For 2009 Design Showcase Smashing Magazine
You can have one or the other, both or create a multi-channel mobile strategy. Sub-domains for stripped down mobile ready sites are critical, practical and effective for the mobile web experience so mobile Internet users can easily navigate mobile content (and please don’t forget the crucial 30-second rule for mobile purchases). However, as well as using a mobile sub-domain, dotMobi is a convenient mobile ready hybrid option and solution. As an additional mobile site, the dedicated dotMobi site could be used to promote mobile coupon offers and/or promotional text messages for specific mobile viral advertising campaigns. (this obviously could also be done via additional sub-domains instead of using .mobi).

Developing mobile applications (for the iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) can also add synergy to your mobile marketing strategy. Use as many mobile weapons as possible and promote mobile content through social media mobile strategies . By the way, you may need to hire a “Social MEO”- Social Media Executive Officer, and why not hire a Naming Branding Consultant to boot for your new social media, mobile Web presence. Always best to diversify and be flexible to new ideas by adapting to new technologies emerging in the mobile Web space. What are your thoughts?’s Mobile Widgets enriches the mobile internet with Here & Now
Espoo, Finland- Finnish multinational company- Nokia, the largest producer of mobile phones globally, has a top notch mobile ready site-

“By providing quality content to consumers from partners such as Reuters and, Here and Now allows consumers to get more out of and mobile services in general,” said JuhaRytkonen, Director (Source:

Finland Domain Names:

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P.S. Also available: (used in big brand name cosmetics)

Google Mobile Advertising

Google Mobile Ads
Learn about Adsense for your mobile website… Google Adwords for mobile advertising. (Click Headline)

dotMobi Chooses BrandMuscle to Simplify Customized Marketing Efforts | Reuters

dotMobi Chooses BrandMuscle to Simplify Customized Marketing Efforts Reuters

Google to Launch a Search Engine for Ringtones

Google to launch a mobile search engine for ringtones, games, etc… and will be testing AdSense for mobile content.