Extremely Rare 2 Letter Domain ‘LT.com’ Trades for $100,000

New York, NYC– Just last month a rare gem of a domain traded for 6-figures at the TRAFFIC NYC 2008 live auction. After looking at the new sold results from the extended live auction and revisiting the results from the Sept. premium live auction, LT.com stood out.
All I could think of was how a legendary pro bowl football superstar most likely missed a golden opportunity to buy this fantastic domain name. As a New York Giants fan and a native New Yorker, I can assure you that “LT” and Lawrence Taylor are synonymous to millions of Giants fans and football fans globally. I’m sure Lawrence Taylor missed the boat on this one. “LT” is Lawence Taylor and “LT” is his brand. I wonder if he was approached as an end-user?
Many pro athletes know the value of branding their names as domain names and especially superstars like; i.e., TigerWoods.com and WayneGretzky.com. Your name is your brand and sometimes your nickname can be! How much “LT” – Lawrence Taylor Giants football memorabilia and retro jerseys could LT sell online with a ‘crown jewel’ like ‘LT.com’?
Extended & Live Auction Results: Moniker.com
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P.S. How extremely rare is a 2L (2 Letter) Domain? All two-letter combinations=1352 (2 × 26²)… $100k for LT.com is a steal!

Aviation Domain Sold @ TRAFFIC NYC 2008

NYC, NY– TRAFFIC NYC 2008 live auction at the recent domainer conference featured an aviation domain name sale ‘ExecutiveJetCharter.com’ that sold for $2,900.

ExecutiveJetCharter.com Traded for $2,900 (Moniker.com, TargetedTraffic.com )

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Greatest Domain Show on Earth

New York, NY– T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domainer Conference & Expo kicks off September 23rd in New York City. Premium domain names will be auctioned off during live auctions. (TargetedTraffic.com)

MadisonAve.com is featured in one of the TRAFFIC NYC 2008 live auctions with a low reserve of only $10,000 (Aftermarket.com)

Since the 1920s, the street’s name- Madison Ave, has been synonymous with the American advertising industry.

When will Madison Avenue (Mad Men) understand the inherent value of high quality generic domain names and the potential rewards that category defining domain names bring to the table for their clients?
(Photo of Madison Ave from Wikipedia.com)

Yachts.com Hits Moniker’s Live Domain Auction Block @ T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East

Orlando, FLYachts.com will be auctioned off this week at the TRAFFIC East Domain Expo in Orlando, Florida on May 22nd. Moniker.com listed the luxury, big ticket premium domain name- ‘Yachts.com’ with a reserve in the $1 Mln- $5 Mln range.

Why wouldn’t a company see the strategic global business opportunity in the acquisition of the exact domain name match of the product, service and/or business that they are in?

Would a Yacht Brokerage company or Yacht Manufacturer rather see their competition build out the category defining domain name- Yachts.com?

By the way, how much are the World’s Most Expensive Yachts?

(The answer: over $100 Million!… about as much as legendary domainer- Yun Ye’s $160 million domain name portfolio sale to Marchex.com ). Mega Yachts generally start at 100 Ft in length and Super Yachts are 200′ Ft +. Last year, the high-end, niche domain name MegaYachts.com traded for $150,000 at a TRAFFIC East domain conference in New York City and made it to the front page of USA Today.

Forbes Most Expensive Yachts: money.aol.com/forbes/general/yachts

The domain asset- Yachts.com is valuable, extremely rare and a one of its kind category killer masterpiece in the $2 billion + domain industry. Imagine if you will for a moment, the upside income potential of this site developed to its highest and best use. What is the inherent value of this luxury fever domain name?

Yachts.com is a domain investor’s dream! Isn’t it true?

Photo: Ben Flickr.com
Source: Moniker.com, TargetedTraffic.com
Moniker Domain Auction Listings: marketplacepro.moniker.com/files/Auction_Inventory_TEO08.xls (quite a few numeric domains at this auction)

S. Granville-Smith, Inside Domaining

TRAFFIC West 2008 Las Vegas Keynotes Flowers.com CEO- Jim McCann

Las Vegas, Nevada– The TRAFFIC West 2008 Las Vegas (2/18/08-2/20/08) released the inventory of domain name assets to be auctioned off by Moniker.

Flowers.com & vanity 1-800-Flowers telephone number CEO, Jim McCann, will be a keynote speaker at the Domain King- Rick Schwartz’s domainer conference.

For more info: TargetedTraffic.com

Linked Press-Release Source: InterestAlerts.com

S. Granville-Smith, InsideDomaining.com

Moniker Sells 5-Figure Numeric Domain Names

Pompano Beach, Florida– Moniker’s top selling numeric domain names were overshadowed by Moniker’s announcement of their big merger today with Oversee.net. Moniker’s two 5-figure numeric domain name trades- 213.com and 408.com each sold for $33,000. Pompano Beach-based Moniker Online Services is now a subsidiary of Oversee.net.

213.com : $33,000 Sold (Los Angeles, CA Area Code)
408.com : $33,000 Sold (San Jose, CA Area Code)

Three-digit numeric domains- NNN.com’s are easy-to-remember and fast to access from mobile phones for mobile internet users. These 3-digit domains are often big time area codes in big cities that could be used for geo-domain names. As you know, area code 213 just happens to be Los Angeles, California. The area code for San Jose, CA is 408… so these numeric geo-domains are both fantastic domain acquisitions for two California-based geo-domains. Also, numeric domains can be used as vanity domain names (similar to 1-800 vanity phone numbers) that translate into many words in many languages.

Source: NameBio.com

S. Granville-Smith, InsideDomaining.com

SoccerTV.com Trades for $80k

Las Vegas, Nevada– Moniker sold video domain name- SoccerTV.com at the Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 domain name auction. SoccerTv.com was the highest selling domain at the auction.
SoccerTV.com: $80,000 Sold

Moniker’s Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 Auction Results:http://marketplacepro.moniker.com/auction/events/184/results.html
Photo: Soccer Match Brazil, en.ce.cn

S. Granville-Smith, InsideDomaining.com

Moniker’s Premium Domain Name Auction @ PubCon Las Vegas 2007 | Reuters

Moniker.com to Hold Premium Domain Name Auction at PubCon Las Vegas 2007 Reuters
Las Vegas, Nevada– Moniker’s premium domain assets to be auctioned on December 5, 2007.

Source: Press Release Reuters.com


Moniker Geo-Domain Auction’s Million Dollar Domain Names Reserve Prices Not Met

***** We have received a comment that implies there has been a mistake in this blogpost’s prior version regarding the accuracy of my interpretation of the passed prices that I assumed were actual bids from investors. I listened to this live auction on WebMaster Radio and thought that actual bids were received. Inside Domaining did not confirm that actual offers were received from investors. I am going to leave this up for a few days and then delete this blogpost.
We apologize for any confusion or inaccurate reporting. I have revised the wording from rejected offers to pass.*****

San Francisco, CA
Moniker sold 34 geo-domains ranging from $300 (Honduras.biz) to $200,000 (Perth.com) at the Associated Cities GeoDomain Expo 2007 held yesterday in San Francisco, California. The highest seller was Perth.com. The following domains in the area of million dollar +/- were passed and did not meet the seller’s reserve prices.

  1. Guetamala.com : $1,000,000 Pass
  2. TheDominicanRepublic.com: $1,500,000 Pass
  3. xn--i1bj3fqcyde.com (IDN;India in Hindi) : $3,000,000 Pass
  4. TheHamptons.com (Long Island, NY) : $1,000,000 Pass
  5. OklahomaCity.com : $800,000 Pass

View geo-domain auction results: Moniker.com click the headline this blogpost
(Photo: Perth, Australia’s 4th largest city)

S. Granville-Smith, InsideDomaining.com

Moniker.com Brings Gaming and Casino Industry Domain Name Online Auction to China at the Casino Affiliate Convention 2007 – Forbes.com

Moniker, the first and only provider of Domain Asset Management(TM) services, recently announced: online auction of premium gaming and casino industry domain names during the Casino Affiliate Convention 2007 (CAC 2007), in Macau, China at the Venetian Resort & Casino on November 28 through December 6, 2007. Moniker.com