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Top 10 City Newspapers in Trouble

The Top 10 papers in danger, according to 24/7 Wall St., include (in order):

1.) The Philadelphia Daily News, the smaller of two jointly operated papers.
2.) The Minneapolis Star Tribune, which has filed for Chapter 11 protection.
3.) The Miami Herald, hurt by the state’s severe real estate collapse.
4.) The Detroit News, the smaller of two papers in the Motor City.
5.) The Boston Globe.
6.) The San Francisco Chronicle, a deadline for closing has been set.
7.) The Chicago Sun-Times, the smaller of two city newspapers.
8.) The New York Daily News, which could see losses in the millions.
9.) The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, facing stiff competition in the Dallas market.
10.) The Cleveland Plain Dealer, located in one of the nation’s toughest markets.
(Source: Boston Herald)

The Boston Globe owns geo-domain name ‘’. The geo-domains of the above referenced major cities will survive and thrive down the road as old media converges with new media. Traditional print media advertising dollars will continue to migrate online with the emerging trend of geo-targeted, local paid search marketing.

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