Long Island Domain Name LongIsland.com in Vegas Live Auction

Las Vegas- Rick Latona’s TRAFFIC Domain Conference’s live domain auction features category defining geo-domain name LongIsland.com. Auction for LongIsland.com is live at Latonas.com and ends Friday Jan 22, 2010 at 7pm EST.

  •  Long Island Media Investment for Long Island TV-  LI.tv , an extremely rare, 2-Letter, short, premium video domain name is also available in a private sale for acquisition or joint venture for development. Intuitive, persuasive, gravitational, highly memorable and brandable domain asset. Contact Steve Granville-Smith, Owner at LI.tv: 617-372-6612 or email

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    Google Executive, N.Y. Times Compete for Local Ads in New Jersey- Bloomberg.com

    Google Executive, N.Y. Times Wrestle in New Jersey for Local Ads – Bloomberg.com

    New York, NY/ Maplewood, New Jersey– The New York Times joined the fray this month with a Maplewood blog. Their prize: online ads from local companies — the fastest- growing source of revenue for the news business. – Bloomberg.com

    The New York Times does not own NewYork.com (Domain Investor Leland Hardy does), NewJersey.com or Maplewood.com as strategic online extensions to their NYTimes.com online property. If the New York Times used a premium geo-domain name strategy to attract local advertisers, they would gain a competitive advantage by multi-channeling their media company to compete in the tri-state (NY, NJ & CT) area’s regional online ad market.

    Moreover, the Maplewood rivals described in the linked Bloomberg article clearly shows how some traditional and new media companies, as well as Madison Avenue, do not understand the power behind high-profile geo-domain names as online extensions to a media company’s brand. In this instance (read linked Bloomberg article by clicking this blogpost’s headline), the New York Times has created a blog geo-targeting Maplewood, New Jersey to compete for local advertisers by using a sub-domain (Maplewood.blogs/NYTimes.com). The competing Google executive is using the domain name Patch.com to geo-target the Maplewood local online advertising market.

    More importantly, in order to geo-target the tri-state regional and local Internet ad market, media company’s would benefit greatly by using a geo-domain strategy of premium geo-domain names. Listed below are some of the Top premium dot-com & dot-tv geo-domain names that make perfect sense (if the extremely rare geo- domains were attainable) as an aggressive, strategic play for a major online media player competing for market penetration in the Greater New York tri-state new social media arena:

    Top Tri-state Geo-Domain Names for NY, NJ & CT :

    In sum, premium geo-domain names are the answer to the future of new social media and local search marketing.

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    Naming Rights for New Baseball Stadium: $400 Million

    Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (Queens), New York– The record for the highest amount paid for naming rights belongs to the future Citi Field and Barclays Center, both located in New York City. Each garnered deals of $20 million per year for at least 20 years, totaling $400 million. Citi Field is the new New York Mets baseball stadium built adjacent to where the old Shea Stadium was recently torn down earlier this year.- Wikipedia
    Naming Rights for NY Mets Citi Field: $400 Million (20 Year Term)

    The new $850 million Citi Field stadium will be ready for the upcoming Mets MLB season.

    The Barclays Center is a proposed sports arena to be built by 2010 partly on a platform over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority-owned Atlantic Yards at Atlantic Avenue in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It is part of a proposed $3.5 billion sports arena, business and residential complex.- Wikipedia