1-800-INSURANCE Gone Mobile

1-800-INSURANCE Vanity Telephone # & Outdoor Advertising    (drove by this van today & could not resist taking a photo)

Outdoor Advertising, Offline Marketing, State License Plate Slogans and Domain Names

The Official portal for the state of Florida promotes the state with the naming slogan “Sunshine State” and with the domain name- MyFlorida.com as promotional licence plates… imagine the exposure on the highways. Geo-Domain Name ‘Florida.com’ would be the ticket obviously, but thank you for the domain name marketing nonetheless Florida!
This “NYPD” vanity plate will get the message across huh… might look better on a NY license plate?
What does your state’s licence plate say?

Online Media in China

Online media firm acquires backers — Shanghai Daily 上海日报 — English Window to China New
“Focus Media agreed last year to sell its outdoor advertising operations to Nasdaq-listed Sina Corp in an all-share transaction valued at US$1.8 billion. Sina is one of China’s highest-profile Websites, with more than 280 million users worldwide.”- Shanghai Daily
“Founded in 2003, Focus Media targets up-market urban consumers through an array of advertising platforms, including outdoor light-emitting diode (LED) networks, mobile handsets, in-store networks and poster-frame systems.”- Shanghai Daily

Best and Worst Marketing Ideas . . . Ever – US News and World Report

Best and Worst Marketing Ideas . . . Ever – US News and World Report
#1 Best Marketing Idea- Premium, category defining domain name!- Inside Domaining

Naming Rights for New Baseball Stadium: $400 Million

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (Queens), New York– The record for the highest amount paid for naming rights belongs to the future Citi Field and Barclays Center, both located in New York City. Each garnered deals of $20 million per year for at least 20 years, totaling $400 million. Citi Field is the new New York Mets baseball stadium built adjacent to where the old Shea Stadium was recently torn down earlier this year.- Wikipedia
Naming Rights for NY Mets Citi Field: $400 Million (20 Year Term)

The new $850 million Citi Field stadium will be ready for the upcoming Mets MLB season.

The Barclays Center is a proposed sports arena to be built by 2010 partly on a platform over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority-owned Atlantic Yards at Atlantic Avenue in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It is part of a proposed $3.5 billion sports arena, business and residential complex.- Wikipedia

wcbstv.com – NYC Set To Unveil First Subway Car Wrapped In Ads

wcbstv.com – NYC Set To Unveil First Subway Car Wrapped In Ads
Catchy, memorable, keyword domain names embedded in subway ads for high percentage recall rates?
Geo-domain name for sale: NYCWebcast.US
Offered by URLBrokers.co.uk

Keyword Domain Names & Mobile Coupon Offers on Billboards?

We’re not quite there yet here in the U.S., category killer domains and mobile coupon codes on billboards are a rare find. I guess its too much forward divergent thinking for advertisers. However, Yahoo’s Times Square digital billboard in NYC wants your keyword bids for a search marketing campaign.

High quality domains and/or mobile coupon offers on billboards would help increase closed sales and boost the economy!