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Cape Cod, MA– The other day I woke up with a thought in my head about a real estate domain name’s highest & best use. Not sure where this thought came from but it made me jump out of bed. After reviewing the Real Estate Guide, a print advertising publication for Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate (Massachusetts) the night before, I realized something that intrigued me.

Browsing through just under 200 pages of display ads of residential & vacation real estate listed for sale on the Vineyard- an island resort destination off Cape Cod, MA, was part of my due-diligence in gearing up to solicit an end-user to sell a real estate geo-domain asset. No doubt the real estate is expensive on the Vineyard and Nantucket with small beach cottages valued at a minimum of $500,000 and a high percentage of the island properties in the area of $1 million dollar+ along with a number of multi-million dollar properties & waterfront estates.

Since video is the future of online advertising, Internet Real Estate Tv shows with category killer domain names for Real Estate Tv Channels makes perfect sense for high-end, top producing real estate brokers and/or a luxury real estate brokerge firms such as Sotheby’s, RE/MAX International or Coldwell Banker… don’t you agree?
As for Cape Cod & Islands real estate domains, my goal awhile back, was to hit a domaining trifecta with the hopes & dreams to score a natural hat trick (I’ll settle for a “* Gordie Howe hat trick”). This real estate/internet real estate business/domaining idea inspired me to acquire the following real estate geo-domain names:

* CapeRealEstate.Tv
* VineyardRealEstate.Tv
* NantucketRealEstate.Tv

Let’s visualize CapeRealEstate.Tv, VineyardRealEstate.Tv & NantucketRealEstate.Tv… Imagine billboards on all the major highways in New England & the tri-state area (CT, NY & NJ) on I-95 and all over major Routes in MA: Rte 93, 195, 495, Rte 3, Rte 6, etc. Picture these geo-domain names featured on huge Digital Billboards on multiple driving routes from Boston, Providence & New York, etc. to popular vacation spots- Cape Cod & Islands to promote the above referenced category defining Massachusetts real estate Tv channels & promote the real estate inventory on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket. You can see passengers in luxury cars flying down the highway & surfing through listings on their iPhones… perhaps watching a real estate videocast of their dream vacation home & then emailing the listing brokers… the first step in a successful online closed real estate transaction.

Back to my awakening thought. What is the highest & best use for VineyardRealEstate.Tv?
Clearly these domains offer synergy to a real estate brokerage firm that covers all three markets. Was I missing something? I expanded my mental paradigm.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that some of the most expensive real estate in the World is not on Martha’s Vineyard. I thought “Vineyard Real Estate”- how about Vineyard Estates in wine country like Napa Valley in California. Was I thinking too small by only thinking of the U.S.? What about the global market for “Vineyard Real Estate”- other wine countries such as Argentina and South Africa?

Perhaps VineyardRealEstate.Tv developed for affluent buyers of Wine Estates in grape growing countries is the highest & best use to add value to this domain name. This domain could also be used with a hybrid domain strategy to cater to pools of buyers for Martha’s Vineyard & Worldwide Vineyard Real Estate & by using leverage for both markets to get the best of both World’s (this strategy would also lure overseas buyers to the U.S.). More importantly, the international, affluent, super rich real estate investors who are high-net-worth individuals, look globally to buy Vineyard Real Estate (Wine Country Estates) for country retreats. These Vineyards with huge acreage are the types of country retreats that boast some of the most expensive real estate in the World!

Let’s look at the big picture, one 5-6 figure brokerage fee on a million dollar+ property could possibly pay for all three of these promising real estate domain names bundled together. Imagine these domains for a top producing power real estate broker who could use any one of these domains as a vanity domain name and use a killer domain name marketing strategy to generate new listings & sales. These internet real estate properties could also benefit a big time real estate developer, real estate investor or homeowner selling trophy properties as an end-user. Who owns an upscale property or a multi-million dollar estate? Some prefer being a FSBO… an affluent seller could benefit greatly by using such a prime real estate domain as a marketing strategy for their big ticket, high-end transaction and then after the sale, sell the domain to your wealthy neighbor or the top broker in town that you did not list with. The VineyardRealEstate.Tv domain could be used as a video advertising site for brokers selling expensive wine country estates internationally.

Vanity Domain Name End-User: Imagine if you will for a moment, a role-reversal for a domain name strategy… picture a savvy real estate investor or wine company promoting ‘VineyardRealEsate.Tv’ as a vanity dn… creating a video site promoting a webcast to solicit prospective Vineyard owners that are not on the market or how about real estate owners discovering the hidden gem- the dream Winery (Wine Country Estate) or country retreat on massive acreage that only hits the market once in a lifetime. And the domain could be used to re-sell the property down the road! Keep in mind we’re talking about properties in the area of $10 million to $100 million (how’s that for thinking outside the box?).

By the way, how much is an in-page video ad on, or Wine Spectator’s Web site? How much is a full page advertisement or back cover display ad in Wine Spectator magazine?

Moreover, how much is a one page color advertisement in the Real Estate Guide’s Vineyard Real Estate (Oct. ’07 issue had roughly 188 pages of real estate display ads? (that’s some serious residual income for that publisher). Several company’s had over ten (8X11) full page ads and one firm had 18 full page color display ads. With a high quality domain name acquisition, your use for domain marketing offers endless possibilities and this is a one-time investment as opposed to a traditional print advertising expense that has to be paid for over and over again. Print ads like this will become obsolete. Geo-domain names & keyword real estate domains are real money makers that have inherent value & endles possibilities!

Make an offer on any of the above listed real estate dns either individually or as an investment package. The dns are available for sale or lease with an option to purchase. Joint ventures considered.

(Domain Brokers Protected… we’ll pay a 20% brokerage fee)

P.S. RealEstateUSA.Tv, MARealEstate.Tv, MassachusettsRealEstate.Tv, & ConnecticutRealEstate.Tv are also available for acquisition or joint-venture.

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* Gordie Howe Hat Trick: 1 goal, 1 assist & 1 fight in the same hockey game!)

S. Granville-Smith,