Americas Largest E-Commerce Event: 5,000 attendees, 350 Exhibiting Companies, 175 Speakers

Americas largest e-retailing event, 5,000 attendees, 350 exhibiting companies, 175 speakers

  • World’s Largest E-Commerce Show
  • Every Key Industry represented; i.e, retail, catalog, manufacturing and consumer service companies that specialize in e-retailing. (Domain Industry?)
  • Top 500 E-Retailers  
  • Top E-Commerce Sponsors & Vendors in E-Commerce

How many domain industry players will be in attendance?

New Coldwell Banker ‘On Location’ YouTube Channel First in Industry to Fully Tap Power of Video for Real Estate Search and Insights – Yahoo! Finance

New Coldwell Banker ‘On Location’ YouTube Channel First in Industry to Fully Tap Power of Video for Real Estate Search and Insights – Yahoo! Finance
Emerging Trends in Real Estate Marketing: Social Media, Video, Video Search, Local Search, Social Media Search, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Search, Online Video Advertising, Video Property Demos, Internet TV, Domain Name Strategies & “Browse the Map” geo-targeting. Coldwell Banker’s Internet domain name startegy includes registering the domain names of their real estate agents and providing each local realtor with a self-promotional geo-targeted micro-site. CB is one of the real estate industry’s first major international players to have embraced multi-channeling, domain name stategies, videocasting & innovative marketing by using cutting- edge online advertising and social media.

PPC Summit Announces Expert Search Engine Marketing Speaker Line-Up For NY Conference May 13-14

PPC Summit Announces Expert Search Engine Marketing Speaker Line-Up For NY Conference May 13-14 New York, NY (PRWEB) April 6, 2009 — Pay Per Click (PPC) Summit today announced expert speaker line-up scheduled for the upcoming New York conference on May 13-14. The A list of industry experts will share knowledge and lead training sessions on how to manage profitable search engine marketing and Pay Per Click campaigns for Google Adwords, Yahoo! and MSN. –

Look for the TGIF Domain on Friday’s

TGIF Domain’s opening day features the descriptive generic domain name-

Every Friday, check out the TGIF Domain “This Generic is Fantastic” offered weekly on newly launched Join us on Fridays as we microblog the TGIF domain name on Twitter at

Domain Name Advertising Revolution?

Proposed New Dictionary Word: Domainertising: Domain Advertising


Domain Name: A series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods, such as , that is an address of a computer network connection and that identifies the owner of the address.

Advertising: Ad-ver-tis-ing

  1. The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.
  2. The business of designing and writing advertisements.
  3. Advertisements considered as a group: This paper sells advertising.

Domainertising: Domain-er-tis-ing:


The activity of attaracting public attention to a product, service or business by using a domain name strategy in online and offline promotions through online advertising, outdoor advertising, traditional media, new social media and the mobile Web.

  1. The business of creating keyword generic domain names as well as descriptive domains that offer relevance, SEO strength, brandability, call-to-action, viral mobile ads, mobile websites, blogs, geo-targeting and online extensions for multi-channeling marketing efforts and social media campaigns.
  2. Domainertising is considered as a dynamic, cutting-edge marketing strategy for strategic advertising, Internet advertising and mobile advertising.

Internet domain names used as an advertising and domain name strategy for offline and online marketing.

The domain name industry needs a change in power by working as a team to promote the importance and greatness of quality domain names to mass media, small business owners, major corporations, the Advertising World and Madison Avenue.

In sum, as a cohesive team of social networking domain investor warriors and Internet entrepreneurs, together we can create change. Let’s elevate our game and work as a team and as a master mind to manifest the promising future of the domain industry and domain investing.

Let’s educate the masses with a simple message- Domainertising is the answer- advertising with powerful domains… smart for advertisers, online advertising, affiliate marketing, search marketing, local search, mobile marketing and new social media. We can do this with strategic, collaborative efforts on domain blogs, domain micro-blogs and mobile viral tweets on Twitter. (you can start now simply by posting an RT (re-tweet) of Twitter posts, as well as RT domain-related tweets consistently with persistence of your fellow domain micro-bloggers!

Do you have any further ideas to boost domain awareness on a local, regional, national and global level? Let’s make it happen. We will all benefit.

(Domain Name defined by, Advertising defined by, Domainertising defined by Inside Domaining)

Sedo No-Reserve Domain Auction:

Stats for Keyword & Adword: Pomegranate

  • Cost/Click:
    $0.48 – $1.34
  • Advertisers:
  • Clicks/Day:
    167 – 211
  • Search Results:
    7,310,000+650,000 (9.76 %)
  • Cost/Day:
    $80.13 – $290.00$0.00 (0.00 %)

Stats For Keyword & Adword: Acai

  • Cost/Click:
    $0.61 – $1.94
  • Advertisers:
    20-1 (-4.76 %)
  • Clicks/Day:
    102 – 129
  • Search Results:
    10,800,000+1,920,000 (21.62 %)
  • Cost/Day:
    $61.77 – $260.00$0.00 (0.00 %)

Pomegranate Acai products are among the most popular food and beverage trends, as well as emerging trends in health, beauty and cosmetics products.

Recent Acai Domain Sales:

  • Sold for $24,000 (GreatDomains 2/09, Sold for $2k in 2006 BuyDomains)
  • Sold for $1,000 (Private Sale 2008)
  • Sold for $700 (Private Sale 2008)
  • Sold for $938 (Sedo 2009)
  • Sold for $210 (Sedo 2009)

Sedo’s No-Reserve 7-day Auction Starts 3/16 Ends 3/23: (Logo included in domain sale).

Domain Name ‘’ Sold for $10k

Category generic domain- recently sold on for $10,100 to the highest bidder. Google search results for the keyword “Mouthguards” show 858,000 search results and a number of paid search marketers, as well as one prime sponsored link north of the Google page.

  • Estimated Paid Search Stats for Mouthguards

    $0.45 – $1.23

    8.69 – 11.0

    $3.95 – $20.00

BTW, remember the glory days of “old time hockey” in the ’70s?

(SI Photo: Bobby Clarke/ Philadelphia Flyers)

New York Magazine Archives Online by Google and Google have reached an agreement to have New York Magazine’s archives dating back from 1968 to present to be made available online.

Imagine the content and monetization ideas that can be created online for category domain names and geo-domains by scanning archived content. Online publishers have strategic and speculative Internet advertising opportunities to explore. Publishers of niche magazines and archived offline publications of the past can bring the old content back to life online with a global reach. Throw in some in banner advertising by blending the ads into the archived content, as well as, create targeted mobile viral ads for the mobile Web, and now Google continues to be unstoppable.

Domain Industry Giant Marchex Goes Mobile?

The mobile Web is growing fast… so what does a publicly traded domain company- Marchex, do to adapt with its hundreds of thousands of domain names in their massive domain portfolio? By the way, where is Yun Ye these days?

Google Killers?

There’s Still Room for Google Killers, Study Says
NEW YORK It may seem like Google always has been the search engine of choice. There was a time, though, when AltaVista, Lycos and Yahoo ruled the roost in the late-1990s, only to see Google blow past them. A new survey by Forrester Research concludes that such a turnabout could happen again, despite the solid and growing lead Google maintains in the search market.- AdWeek