Andy Warhol Coca Cola Painting Trades for $35M in New York |

Andy Warhol Coca Cola painting sells for $35M in New York |
Coca-Cola, a household brand name globally, makes the headlines with an Andy Warhol painting sold at a recent Sotheby’s art auction.

“An icon of global desire.”- Andy Warhol

Domainertising predicts that a domain name will sell at a Sotheby’s auction someday down the road for a high value in the area of tens of millions and even hundreds of millions.

Christie’s International Closes $16.9 Million in Art Sales News (Bloomberg) — Christie’s International sold $16.9 million of paintings and jewels in a two-day sale in Dubai, below estimates, as falling oil and equity prices dented the boom in Middle East art.- Read Full article: Click Headline… “There is no doubt we are in the middle of a financial crisis,” Jeha said. “It is still a very liquid market.” – Bloomberg

Sotheby’s Domain Name Auctions?

London, UK/New York, NY- Back in 1983, Sotheby’s sold a single, rare book called The Gospels of Henry the Lion for a staggering 8 million pounds!

In 1999, the domain name- ‘’ sold for $7.5 million and made the Guiness World Records for the highest reported domain name sale at the time. By 2007, was monetized and developed into a business directory site and sold for you guessed it… $345 million! ($345,000,000) in July of ’07 to R.H. Donnelly (Yellow Pages publisher).

Sotheby’s specializes in Fine Art & Jewelry auctions as well as collectible and memorabilia categories that include: Arms, Armour & Militaria, Automobiles, Fashion, Musical Instruments, Postage Stamps, Sporting Guns & Wine among others. How about Domains in the 21st century?

When will Sotheby’s continue to demonstrate innovation and respond to the needs of their international clientele by expanding more aggressively into cyberspace and more importantly into the emerging domain name auction space?

Photo: Sotheby’s in NYC