Emerging Trend Domain For Sale: Ready-To-Drink Coffee is a $10 Billion Market Globally!

Ready-to-Drink Coffees: The Coca-Cola Company and illy Announce Premium Ready-to-Drink Coffee Joint Venture – MarketWatch
ReadyToDrinkCoffee.com is for sale. Ready-To-Drink Coffee is a hot, emerging trend globally.

  • Ready-To-Drink Coffee category globally is valued in the area of $10 billion

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Source: MarketWatch.com

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I found this linked 2006 domaining article on Giraffe.co.uk from John Cooke’s Venture Blog
Source: Blog.SeattlePI.NWSource.com

S. Granville-Smith, InsideDomaining.com

Typo.com – Forbes.com

Typo.com – Forbes.com
Last year this Forbes article was one of the few mainstream domaining articles. A year or so later and we are now reading about domaining across the globe via major media from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, International Herald Tribune to The Sydney Morning Herald, etc. The Internet Real Estate market is booming, breaking records and achieving milestones along the way to the promised land.

Investors in Domaining- Billionaires, Ross Perot and Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz

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