The ‘Plaza NY’ Vanity Licence Plate


The Plaza’s clever outdoor advertising in New York makes a statement with their vanity license plate on a Rolls Royce.

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Home Depot Buys Product Defining Niche E-commerce Website

Home Depot buys


Miami Dolphins Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

Miami Dolphins mobile marketing campaign with short codes.

Smart Vanity Naming Strategy

1800LightingCOM is an easy-to-remember, descriptive and intuitive naming strategy. Here’s a keep it simple stupid approach at work here using a vanity name for high recall.

Catchy Name for an Acupuncture Center


This ‘’ website name would be tough for customers to forget.

Keyword-driven, country code Australian domain case study reveals huge success for in Google Adwords campaign


The Top Brands Watch

Coca-Cola, the most recognized brand in the world, is sold in over 200 countries. The Official Coca-Cola website uses the web address- As an online extension to the main Website the company uses a promotional, e-Commerce site for customers. For this site, Coca-Cola uses the shorter version domain name with three tabs on the top menu bar featuring links to the following: My Coke Rewards, The Company Store and Coke in the USA (with multiple links, including a link to In the upper right corner of the home page, there is a pull-down list to change countries. The company also use for customers to sign-in and register for this rewards program.
The short, four letter (4L) domain name re-directs to

Online video has been growing fast and Coca-Cola has slowly started expanding to expand their mult-channel strategy by adding the dotTV domain developed for Coca-Cola TV. Coca-Cola TV uses the intuitive dotTV domain extension with (surprisingly only in Spanish currently).  The Coca-Cola online marketing plan of action includes social media channels including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Exact Match 3D Camera Recorder Domain For Sale on Sedo

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