1-800 Vanity Telephone Number used by Maine Brewery


Brilliant marketing using a short name matching the ‘Shipyard’ beer brand with Shipyard.com branding combined with a super easy generic vanity telephone 1-800-BREW-ALE.

Vanity Telephone Number with Matching Domain Name


The perfect vanity number and domain name combo: 1-800-MARINES and Marines.com

1-800-INSURANCE Gone Mobile

1-800-INSURANCE Vanity Telephone # & Outdoor Advertising    (drove by this van today & could not resist taking a photo)

TRAFFIC West 2008 Las Vegas Keynotes Flowers.com CEO- Jim McCann

Las Vegas, Nevada– The TRAFFIC West 2008 Las Vegas (2/18/08-2/20/08) released the inventory of domain name assets to be auctioned off by Moniker.

Flowers.com & vanity 1-800-Flowers telephone number CEO, Jim McCann, will be a keynote speaker at the Domain King- Rick Schwartz’s domainer conference.

For more info: TargetedTraffic.com

Linked Press-Release Source: InterestAlerts.com

S. Granville-Smith, InsideDomaining.com