Catchy Name for an Acupuncture Center


This ‘’ website name would be tough for customers to forget.

dotLondon in the news over in the UK

nullLondon businesses can start using .London websites this spring:

Keyword-driven, country code Australian domain case study reveals huge success for in Google Adwords campaign


100 Domain Names For Sale via Domain Newsletter

“The most advertised domain newsletter ever!” – Francois Carrillo,

On January 9, 2012, 100 domain names will be up for sale in the upcoming domain newsletter. The newsletter is being promoted heavily by popular domain blogs, as well as, domain sites-, and Don’t miss out on this domain investment buying opportunity.

Geo-domain name on auction

Boston Domains

Hancock Tower by S. Granville-Smith

Web domain up for auction
Cambridge-based Sedo gets some mainstream press from The Boston Herald for domain auction of with a minimum bidding range in the area of $10,000 to $25,000.

Premium Domains Closing Today! On Bido

Live domain auction on Bido features short, one-word, and two-word domains including two-letter name Some nice names here including,, and geo-domain And as you can see, some great keyword domain names in, and, as well as, a timely political domain-

The following Domain name auctions are LIVE on the platform

All auctions live on April 9th and finish on April 13th 2011 10 pm E.S.T (Package of 9 Premium .Me) (Virtual Reality!!!)
UPDATE 4/12/2011
  • Two domains so far have beaten reserve
brandingstrategy com
scrapmetalprices net
  • Others are at some pretty decent levels ie not far off reserve
dieselcars net
deposit org
carbrakes com
position org
obamanomics com
wallstencils com
forks net
findjobs org
t-v net
  • These names are way off currently
toni com
see net
vr net
insect net
milan net
amplifiers net
* mature me (package of nine premium .Me)
*  bargain price

1-800-INSURANCE Gone Mobile

1-800-INSURANCE Vanity Telephone # & Outdoor Advertising    (drove by this van today & could not resist taking a photo)

Jets Going To Super Bowl?

The New York Jets have a charismatic and entertaining coach in Rex Ryan. But what the Jets do not have is the one-word, exact match domain for their brand- ‘Jets’ in the fact that they do not have the domain name- The Jets roll with and for their web addresses. The Jets do not have the luxury of promoting the short name- since is owned by a private jet air charter company. In baseball, the New York Mets have the short and easy to remember domain for high recall. However, the NFL team Jets missed the boat in the domaining world. Let’s hope they can at least make it to the Super Bowl. Can the Jets repeat what both the 1969 Jets and 1969 Mets did for New York back in 1969 by winning a championship? Doman Name Sold for $375,000 back in 2009 on Sedo. Read more about the $375k domain sale click  here

Two-Letter Domain Name ‘’ Sold for 30,000 Euro

Domain brokerage firm- Sedo recently sold a rare, short, 2-letter (2L) .de domain name ‘’ for 30,000 Euro (approx $40,000 USD) on premium domain auction site-

(dot-de = country code for Germany)

Top Brands Watch: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the most recognized brand in the world. Coke is sold in over 200 countries. The Coca-Cola Company uses a multi-channel, Internet marketing strategy. Here is a breakdown of some of the many Coca-Cola Internet properties and how they are using domain names for advertising and branding.

Even the top global brands are often slow to adapt to domain name strategy and new media. Coke seems to be laggards in some areas on the Internet as Coke has sometimes slowly adapted to new Internet techniques. For instance, Coke’s company blog was launched in 2008. The company joined YouTube in 2006 and has not ramped it up yet as the official Coke YouTube channel currently has less than 15,000 subscribes and less than 4 million channel views (YTD).

Doing things backwards and breaking domain name rules? Domain experts would most likely agree a domain strategy of using their short, four letter web address ‘’ as the main e-Commerce site and recommend both & to re-direct to (the opposite of what Coke is doing today). As for and (best to go without the hyphen as the main site), and wouldn’t it make logical sense to prioritize the Coca-Cola TV site which is currently only in Spanish- especially as video search is emerging so rapidly. Thus,  it makes perfect sense to build out video site as a global TV site (multilingual for all countries!). Moreover, does not reslove but would be more powerful as the go-to web address for Coke TV instead of Coca-Cola TV or at least co-branded as two video sites.

In sum, there is always room for improvement with a domain name strategy and even for the big time pros like Coke. Who owns the powerful, category defining, generic, four-letter (4L) domain name- ‘‘ (currently a parked ad site)? Coca Cola is numero uno as a global brand but their naming and branding is not perfect. Red Bull kicks their butt in the energy drink market, don’t they?

P.S. Also, we suggest ‘’ instead of ‘Coca-ColaConversations’. The “Keep it Simple Stupid” approach 😉

* Coca-Cola is the first company featured in our new ‘Top Brands Watch’ series about top global brands use of domain names in advertising. Domain Names in Advertising